An optimistic entry into the park…we all loved the animal shaped topiaries!

Lullibell’s favorite were the flamingoes!

A pause for a moment while waching the birds…then we went hard core with the rides and stayed soaking wet for the next 4 hours after riding every water ride in the park.  We had to stop for lunch for a bit because Bubba was thinkin he might starve to death then we road the train.

Which was, apparently, entirely lame…

I did manage to capture the end of, what may have been, the world’s biggest yawn…

Love those tortoises!

This was followed by the coolest ride where the girl in the mirror above…

…gave this girl the nickname Buttercup.  Lullibell got to sit in the navigator’s seat for the Rhino Rally…which got cut short due to LIGHTENING!

So we went and got frozen lemonade and waited in line to see the 4D pirate movie!

A few more topiary animals and my favorite plant of the day (and if any of you know what this beauty might be let me know because they were gorgeous!)

Then we went off to see the Clydesdales!  They are fabulous!

This was the best accidental photo of the whole day!

We had a great day and really can’t wait to go back!