Wineymomma is a thirty-something daughter, wife and mother.  I was raised in a little town in southwestern Virginia where I met and married my high school sweetheart.  When hubby joined the US Air Force I packed up all my stuff and headed to California with him.  I kind of thought there would be a bit of culture shock but as it turns out the base was in a medium sized town not far from wine-country central CA.

After we had enjoyed the new work world experience and my husband had completed training, the AF sent us to the great frozen north.  That’s right folks.  They sent us to Minot, North Dakota where only the best come north. Seriously,  that was the motto of the base.  Of course, like all other things in life we changed it to fit how we were really feeling-Minot AFB-where only the chosen are frozen.

We spent four lovely years in the vacation spot of the north then loaded up the cars and headed to another beautiful AF location-Holloman AFB, NM.  If you’ve never been there I have to tell you there are places in NM that are beautiful.  I can’t honestly report that of the town of Alamogordo.  White Sands National Monument is nice but after you’e seen one white sand dune….   While we lived in NM we added one monster to the clan.  The monster known as Lulibell.

Our next move was to the lovely town of Colorado Springs,  CO.  During this move I was seven months pregnant with the monster known as Bubba.  We lived there for six years and left behind some amazing friends.

My husband got orders to move to Macdill AFB in Tampa, FL in July of 2007.  Hubby moved there in October but due to the housing market being in the tank the monsters and I waited until August of 2008 to follow!