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Friday football pics

Bubba has his football picrures today.  It ought to be fun considering that his jersey really doesn’t fit.

I don’t mean tight…I mean it really is too small.

It took me ten minutes to wrestle his shoulder pads into it last night.  Then his daddy had to come over and help him cram himself into it.

After which he cold move his arms but the amount of chafing he would have gotten under his arms from those elasticized sleeves….yeeeoooouuuch!

So-short post today but  I am trying to stay in the habit of posting so, here ya go…I think I’ll try a video too!  Or not!  How about a pic of the oby getting his too small jersey!


Fall…does it really rhyme with football?

Throw away your style points


Steeler football is 60 minutes.

That’s what Coach Tomlin said after the game last night.

Frankly, I was really glad when that 60 minutes was over!  I couldn’t even watch it.  It wasn’t that I didn’t believe they could pull it off.  Really.

Eight plays. Seventy eight yards…

Roethlisberger jokingly called the last play, “Scramble left, scramble right, and find someone open.”

A big guy like Ben doesn’t really scramble though, does he?  It was more lumbering than scrambling!  With his first two reads covered, Big Ben had to believe in himself and Santonio Holmes, who had dropped a pass earlier, to make this play.

And a beautiful play it was!  Amazing. Nail biting. Toes-tapping-the-edge-of-the-end-zone kind of beautiful!

And as an added win to the day…in the flag football game prior to the Super Bowl…the old guys at church beat the youth by 2 touchdowns…I wonder who is moving with the most difficulty this morning…and does that negate their win?

Silent Sunday


Lullibell doing pretty much what she did the whole morning…chasing the runaway ball!


Bubba having an absolute blast during dribble drills!


Group op!

Saturday insanity

Today was a mix of running kids to sports and assorted birthday parties and such.  It really feels like I have my kids signed up for too much but right now all we are doing is a weekly basketball camp and regular church activities.  But still I am exhausted and as I will have no time to prep my post for tomorrow I must do it tonight before bed and family movie time!


The kids really did have fun at the camp today.  I think for Lullibell the best thing about the whole experience will be the very athletic women working with the camp…there are 5 pro-women coaching them.  Bubba just love any opportunity to get out there and show how much testosterone he has!

By the way funny thing…I got a friend request on Facebook from some girl that thought she went to the same high school as me…turns out she went to a school with the same name in Kentucky…not Virginia…I guess I just have one of those faces…

Oh no she di’n’t

This is quite possibly one of the worst renderings of the National Anthem that I have ever heard.  I thought the Rosanne thing years ago was bad but she was not a professional singer with a recording contract.  They tout this girl as a “pop sensation”.  I am so glad Lullibell likes country…

Shane, where did this come from?

As many of you know I have a little brother. Now like many little brothers he had his share of buddies that he dragged home to spend the night and play ball with and war and whatever little boys and their buddies do.

There was this one kid that came around a lot. Scrawny little red haired thing that could consume more food than I have really ever seen any one eat. That little kid grew up to become “the most accurate kicker of his generation”. Shane Graham of the Cincinnati Bengals is that kid…and that is how I often still see him…the scrawny little guy with the huge appetite. But read this article about him and see how my mind changes when I see him all grown up.