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Mary, love, and grace

In my ladies book and Bible study the other day we read a story called “Love Casts Out Fear”. It was a short story written about Mary Magdalene and her trip to the tomb on Easter Morning. The story describes Mary’s fear of being arrested for tending to Jesus’ body, her deep sadness at seeing his body broken and bleeding, the first time she met Jesus, and his appearance to her first after His death.

According to this story, their first meeting took place on a day when Mary was suffering terribly. The seven “demons” that were possessing her were in full force that day and she had broken free of those tending to her. At this point Mary was the lowest of the low in society, a woman, and a sick one at that. Mary was contemplating hurling herself into the well in the town when Jesus saw her, wiped the blood from her face and cast out the demons. After that, Mary became what some call the disciple to the disciples.

For me Mary is the ultimate example of why God sent His son to us. The first person to see Jesus alive on the first Easter morning was Mary. Before Mary women had very low position in religion. And now, the Son of God is appearing to a woman and asking her to spread His message first. Before this no one uttered the name of God because it was too holy and above the common man. Jesus brought the grace and love of His Father to everyone. I don’t need to go to a priest or rabbi or whatever to converse with my God. He is always right there available to me. Open to me.

And I don’t need holy relics. The history is there to be seen. Much of what is written can be backed up with archaeological data. That’s great. I find all of that very interesting and fun to learn about, read about and study but it is not a necessary part of my spirituality. I can accept much on faith. And I can do this because I have felt the grace and love that is what God gave me when Jesus appeared to Mary on the first Easter morning.


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Recently I have been involved in conversation with some blog buddies that are atheists. I enjoy these exchanges mainly because they really make me think about what I believe. I don’t feel the need to justify my thinking to them but I do feel that when we are exchanging comments that I should be as well informed as possible. This has made me delve into some study of words and the Bible and historic information on several topics.

One question I asked them is if there is any type of spirituality with atheism. One of them informed me that there are some Buddhists that consider themselves to be atheists.  Spirituality is one of those words that is hard to define because of the difficulty in defining the root word spirit.  Both of the following come from Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary:


1: an animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms

4: the immaterial intelligent or sentient part of a person

For me spirituality is taking care of the part of me that is where my joy is.  That joy lies in different places at different times.  It’s taking time to make a list of what I’m thankful for.  It’s hanging out with the monsters doing things we like to do together.  It’s making something myself or reading a book or writing a post or learning to code my blog.

It’s believing that there is a God no matter how people explain that there is nothing else out there.  It’s looking at all the little things that are so easy to explain away and knowing that these things aren’t random.

I have a friend who didn’t believe in God for many reasons.  She had all the classic arguments against God’s existence.  Then one day she was studying human anatomy.  She came across a diagram of the human ear.  All the inner ear bones and membranes.  She decided at that point that there has to be a God because there is no way something that complicated and beautiful could be random and still function as it was supposed to.

No preachers, pastors, reverends or ministers could have convinced her.  She found God in an anatomy book!  For me that is amazing.  A life totally transformed by the human ear.

SPIRITUALITY.  How do you define it?