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Driving across green
Beautiful Virginia
with the girl monster


Listening to songs,
singing and laughing with her
going to grandma’s


A swimming party,
new kix, playing on the slide,
wandering the hills


Friends and family
It’s good to be home again
loving all the time!


Lullibell and I are going to my mom’s this weekend for the annual fireman’s picnic.  Bubba and daddy will be staying home for football.  Should be good for them.  Hubbymonster is even going to take Bubba to buy his school shoes this weekend-tax free, baby!!!


Haiku Friday


A day off from school
One of two this short month. For
what?  you may wonder.

Monsters here get a
day off from school to go to
the State Fair today.


When I was a kid I love to go to the state fair.  The sounds. The sights. The way cool stuff!  But as an adult I will avoid the fair like the plague.  It seems more crowded and it seems that the crowds are way different.  I think that is more than my perception.  People are just different than when I was a kid.

So I talked the monsters into saving the money and waiting on a trip to Sea World!  Yay me!

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Haiku Friday


Skin, needles and ink
Art that pulses live and breathes
How do they do it?

I want some new ink
A leaf floating in the breeze.
Now, find an artist.


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Haiku Friday


Cold for Florida.
Temperatures drove you to
cling to my window.

The warming sun is
coming around the corner.
You will be gone soon.



It got a bit chilly here last night.  At least for this little guy.  Unfortunately, in finding somewhere safe to wait for a warm up, he chose the shadiest spot on the outside of our house.  I am going to wait and see if he warms up enough to move any time soon.  If he doesn’t I think I will help him out.

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Haiku Friday

“Aaawww, I didn’t know
you were going to kill it!”
Jack is back for now.

A quadclops for Lu,
a two faced monster for Bub,
one each, mad and glad.


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Haiku Friday

Range, median, mode.
Do you remember this stuff?
We practiced this week.

Last week’s math test was
an incredible success.
She only missed one!


We are hoping that the math malaise is over and done!  Lullibell seems to be much more confident in math these days. We discovered that the biggest part of the problem was not in the knowing…it was in the confidence level not the knowledge…she seemed to make things far more complicated than they needed to be!  She still does it occasionally but has gotten over the “IquitI’mnevergonna beabletodothisbecauseIstinkatmath” blues!

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Haiku Friday

The monsters had a
day off from school.  Did they sleep
in? Now why do that?

Any other day
they must be beaten from bed
but, oh, not today.