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More football ‘cus I got nothin’!

I have been chasing my tail in circles since Thursday so I can’t even think of anything coherent to write about-but here ya go…love this song and the video will have you grabbin’ for the tissues!


Do you think…?


Do you think he’s jammin’ out to Kid Rock?!?!?

Thursday Three

In an attempt to recommit to my blog I have been trying to come up with some canned ideas that will keep me on track even when I don’t feel like it so today I am going to kick off with the Thursday Three.

Since today is hubbymonster’s birthday Happy birthday hubbymonster!! and Elvis’s I thought my list she be my three most favorite Elvis songs.

I have a hard time narrowing it down to three but here goes!

  1. I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You
  2. Suspicion Minds
  3. Blue Moon of Kentucky

An honorable mention goes out to Hunk o’Burnin’ Love because that is Lullibell’s favorite!

What happened to Wednesday?!?!?

I haven’t had the heart to post recently but today I heard a song that I wanted to post but of course I can’t find a good video of it so I decided to try this one out on you all.

How do you think she keeps from flashing the world in that dress?

I *heart* scifi

With this single post I may prove that I am the biggest scifi nerd in the entire history of the genre.  I really like scifi.  Always have.  Ever since I was a kid. Star Wars. Star Trek. A Wrinkle In Time. Doctor Who. Torchwood. I read it.  I watch on tv and movies.  Can’t get enough.

When the new series Life On Mars was announced I was excited to see it. After the first episode I was hooked.  I think the thing that grabbed me and pulled me in was the scene where Sam looks up at the NYC skyline and the WTC buildings are there.  Amazing.

This week while I was watching a strange thing happened.  This, my new favorite show, paid a strange sort of homage to my very most favorite scifi show ever, Doctor Who.  Detective Sam Tyler’s mom is named Rose!  ROSE TYLER!!!

After that I ran to my computer to look this up on the internet because I couldn’t be the only one who noticed this, right?!?!

It seems that this is yet another remake of a British series.  Should have known.  That must be the reason I like it so much.

Anywho, the British series was written by Matthew Graham who, not satisfied with the lead characters name as it was originally set and who wrote the Doctor Who episode “Fear Her”, asked his daughter to name the character….she is a Doctor Who fan…and thus Sam Tyler was born.

If I am not the biggest scifi nerd in history after that discourse would someone please send me a link to show me who is…jus so I can feel better about myself?

On a bit less nerdy note the music in the show is fabulotastic!  Loveitloveitloveit!

My own little Idol

Pray for me.

Lullibell has decided to participate in the Cougar Idol at school. I am going to need all of your support to get through the audition alone.

She love music, loves to sing. She had been singing the same song over and over with her little karaoke machine for over a week when her school announced this singing contest. After that she practiced a jillion times a day since then. I went online today and bought a proper download of the song for her. I just have to get some CDs to burn the song onto now…not for the techno-faint of heart as I am!

What song you ask? Well since she has returned to her emo/punk period we are going to have a little Avril Lavigne.

Tryouts aren’t for another week so I should be nice and bald by then! Oh, and did I mention she doesn’t take direction well? Reacts like a real pop princess! Yay me!

Here’s to the snowman

Jerry Reed passed away on Sunday.  He was buried on Tuesday.  After his burial his agent made the announcement that the greatest picker ever was gone.  He was 71.

Roll on Snowman!