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Holy crap, what a lot to do…

The monsters and I landed in Florida last week.  We are finally up and operational.  Bubba and Lullibell have completed their first week of school and I now only have 6 boxes in the house (not counting the what is probably-not-nearly-a-hundred but seems like it in the garage…)

I have been trying to sit down since yesterday and post but it seems like life is intent on running me down and backing back to see what it hit!

After getting the house in what I thought was some semblance of order the cable/phone/internet guy came in yesterday and informed me that the only room my dinosaur of a computer would really work in was the room I was using as a staging area for unpacking and what was to later be the guest room *sigh* so I spent yesterday reorganizing the staging and moving the computer desk across the house from where I had it.  Not sure how this trivial detail fits into God’s plan but I guess I will see later.

Today when the children came home they had 3 forms for me to volunteer for the pta and to work in the library…I think maybe I am supposed to o volunteer at their school…

Tomorrow’s post I promise will be some pictures of the house and our current arrangement of furniture…I will probably rearrange sometime this weekend because the bedroom is currently the opposite of the way it needs to be…did you know homebuilders install the outlets upside down when they are attached to the light switch?!?



Today I have that feeling that I am about to get run over by life. My friend Ccubed once gave me a book mark that says “I try to take it one day at a time but lately several days have ganged up on me.” Kind of how I feel right now.

I know that once things actually start happening I will feel better and not so paralyzed. I really wish that would make feel better about where I am right now.

So the actions I am taking today:

  1. getting the box to mail a bunch of the kids stuff to my mom and dad.
  2. trying to hunt down a car top carrier on craigslist
  3. remembering to eat
  4. get a few grocery things
  5. possibly getting the stuff to make Flat Bubba for prekindergarten graduation

I think that will get me through today

Silent Sunday: AAaarrr, pirate monsters


Party favors from the pirate party at the skating rink!

Esterlyn @ CUMC

Last night the monsters and I saw these guys in the tiny little venue that is known as our church. Lullibell, after about an hour of absolutely lovely but ear-blasting musi turns to me and says,”Well, that totally rocked my world!” This is the kid whose taste in music ranges from Deanna Carter and Strawberry Wine to Avril Lavigne and…well anything by Avril is good as far as Lullibell is concerned. All Bubba could do was grin. He did choose to sit out most of the concert in the back of the room but still just grinning.

After the concert Lulli got all of the members of the band to autograph a picture for her and one for her brother. She also presented each of them with a gift of the highest monster honor-a starburst candy!

If you are interested in learning more about these talented guys they have several info/fun videos on youtube! Look them up under the band name-Esterlynmusic.

ice skating at Snow Mountain Ranch


The monsters ran out on that ice like they were born with steel blades attached to their feet!

A mountain girl’s Favorite things

the monsters. their daddy. being a momma.

cats with loud purr machines and eyes like green marbles.

maverick’s head resting in my lap.

hugs from the monsters, especially the unsolicited ones.

swimming in the ocean. swimming in the lake. swimming at mom’s pool.

sparkly jewelry-doesn’t need to be the real expensive stuff, just sparkly.

good books with at least a relatively happy ending, especially mysteries.

holding hands. candles. warm blankets. lit fireplace.

the way the mountains look when the fog is rolling over them.

driving fast.

butterflies. lightening bugs. wild birds.

playing in the snow.

a good glass of wine. chardonay. merlot. red table. white table. homemade from mountain fruit.

seafood. red meat. sushi. popcorn. chocolate. mostly the dark kind. cucumber pickles. pickled beets and eggs. cold cereal. chicken and dumplings. gordon ramsay. lion dogs.

going to get my hair done. new highlights.

hearing from an old friend.

taking a photograph and seeing that it turned out way cool

coloring in a coloring book.

knitting. especially the last few rows to see the project come together.

blue eyes.

music. country music. phil vassar. rodney atkins. rock music. heavy on the guitar. the googoo dolls.

sitting and visiting with a friend. coffee. good, strong, dark coffee with cream.

ice cream in just about any form.

the feeling of scratching someone else’s back and knowing that they like it.

a good sale. beautiful shoes. beautiful hand bags. micheal kors shoes and handbags.

makeup. especially lipstick or gloss. and mascara.

canaries. frogs-kermit. turtles-tmnt.

learning about art. Monet. Van Gogh. Matisse.



Edgar Allen Poe.

gagillion thread count sheets.

fall leaves. football games. Virginia Tech Hokies.

my mom and dad. BABY brother! my aunts and uncles. all my cousins.

my Colorado friends. steps.

the way the trees look like velvety fabric in the rolls and folds of the mountains.

cold mountain stream water at the Cascades, near Mountain Lake

picking blackberries.

sitting in my mom and dad’s front yard under the trees at just about any time of day or evening.

A little angry

I am angry. angry. angry. My house has been on the market since the end of August. My realtor is treating me like a mushroom. No matter how I question her about where we should be going with this. From the time we signed our contract (NOT before) she has been trying to convince us just to rent or lower the price. Nothing positive. Would renting be a possibility for this lookieloo? How about we lower the price?

Okay-have ya seen some of the people who are cruising, looking for rentals these days? YIKES!!! Not to mention that I really don’t have the energy to put into dealing with problem renters. I am just really sick of the whole bad market, you’re probably going to take a loss thing. Sometimes I could just about scream!

Anyhow, now I am trying to decide whether or not to fire my agent. I am constantly trying to evaluate how much of a hit my family finance can take. I am also playing monster psychologist to see how much the monsters are stressing about being separated from hubby monster. Feeling a little loose around the edges but I’ll be damned if I am going to unravel!

So, right before bed, when the monsters are quiet and I am alone to think I say a prayer. I ask God to give me the strength I need to do His will. I thank Him for the health of my family. I thank Him for keeping a roof over our heads and for keeping us alive and free one more day! And when I am done I am able to be peaceful and go to sleep.