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More football ‘cus I got nothin’!

I have been chasing my tail in circles since Thursday so I can’t even think of anything coherent to write about-but here ya go…love this song and the video will have you grabbin’ for the tissues!


I got a plan

I’m gonna take the kids to Busch Gardens today.  Even though it’s supposed to be hot.  And I am supposed to be super-hydrating Bubba.  Because it is supposed to be super hot today.  And he will probably be practicing in full gear today.  Which will probably get me in trouble.

But, you see, I have this other monster.  This girl monster.  She really likes water.  She loves water.  And not just for drinking or swimming.  She likes to be splashed, sprayed, sprinkled or otherwise inundated.  The look of joy on the child’s face when getting soaked is beyond comparison.

So I will take them to Busch Gardens, where we will stay only long enough to ride three water rides and possibly a roller coaster…just to dry off!


Today is my third day posting on my blog again! “YAY ME!!!”

It is also day 2 of week two in my attempt to be a better housekeeper.  And it started off with a bang…or maybe a wretch…Claude the Cat barfed twice on my light colored carpet in my bedroom…sigh.

Claude is a big fat beautiful fur ball that eats constantly.  If his bowl, and thus his belly get empty for a period of more than, say, 4 hours he throws up somewhere in the house-this house that has more than half hard wood or vinyl flooring-usually on the carpet.  It’s a darn good thing the boy monster loves him because if he didn’t we might have a problem!

Today on the Momma’s Super Plan for Cleaning is the day to day necessities (wiping down the kitchen) as well as dusting and vaccuuming, and starting the laundry.  I say starting the laundry because I believe my family tried to wear ever stitch of clothing they own this week!

Haiku Friday

Six years ago you
came into our lives, made us
a whole family.

A sweet baby boy.
Full of hugs, smiles, energy
smart and funny too.

Mommy’s little man.
Empathy for everyone.
In love with the world.

Ninja Turtles and
pokemon, bike riding fun.
Happy Sixth, Bubba!

Bloggy Love!

My friend over at transplanting me gave me a new award!  Thank you my dear!  I love your blog too!

I want to pass the bloggy love on to some of the blogs that I check in on reularly so here goes:

  • notgoth for being able to survive the wedding planning insanity and stand by what she really wants to do, all the while following political changes in the country and being green as green can be!

There were a few more but they got the nod from tm but I will still link to them so you can check them out.

I love…Learning to Walk in Stilettos and Finding My Way Out, too.

Bittersweet is good for chocolate…

I had one of those bittersweet mom moments yesterday morning.

I took the kids to school but instead of going through the drop off circle, I parked because I had to go in and talk with Bubba’s teacher.

Usually when I walk the kids in, Lullibell reaches down and grabs my hand.  This morning was no exception. Okay, maybe it was.  This morning she reached down and took my hand but then after only a second her hand fluttered away like a butterfly.  As she walked ahead of me I smiled and told her to have a great day.  She turned back briefly and smiled at me.  And then she was gone.

My momma instinct was to grab hold and never, ever, ever let go.  I quickly realized that this was not the way to go.  But, oh, it hurts.

I am caught in that circle of wanting to hold on, keep them babies…and, yet, letting go and watching them grow.  I want to hold their hands and walk with them but I want them to become strong and independent, too.

So for now…I let them walk into the school the way they want.  If they want to be on their own I let them.  If they want to hold on, I hold on too…

All of Creation

Today the monsters went to a one day Vacation Bible School at my momma’s church.  It is a teeny little white church on a windy little road affectionately known as the dam road (no, not misspelled, the road ends up at a hydroelectric power dam).  The morning dawned terribly foggy but the sun rose with such a vengeance I definitely knew it was July.  The fog burned off quickly but there were remnants left as we drove to the church, shimmering under the boughs of the trees and making every thing look just a little greener.

After depositing Lullibell and a very weepy Bubba at the church I headed toward town to drop off some slightly overdue library books.  Another winding path of a road.  In one curve I slowed down for animals crossing the road—a beautiful doe and twin fawns.  The mother stopped and looked at me with all the authority of a crossing guard.  I waited and watched her and the beautiful babies finish crossing the road and scramble up the bank.

On the way back from the library I decided to go back the same way.  A bit further up the road from where the deer had crossed there were 6 turkeys flapping and fussing on the side of the road.  There was one that was at least 3 and a half feet tall. Amazing.

There is a piece of property along the road that I have long admired.  In the front corner of the lot, by the road a stand of turk’s caps lilies grows.  I had slowed to check those for blooms when I realized there was a very large chimpmunk sitting in the one sunny patch on the road looking at me.

I am constanly amazed by the beauty that surrounds me.  I felt truly blessed by the simple show of nature this morning.