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Kitty love

I missed out on the whole Christian the Lion video craze on youTube  but this morning was introduced to it through the related posts thingy on the bottom of one of my posts.  After I watched the video that was so viral earlier this year I wanted to know what happened to the lion.  Not a big fan of the Today show but the interview was good!

After Meredith started babbling I wanted to find out how long lions live because I was pretty  sure that they don’t live 35 years!  I found a website that gives the average life expectancy for a lion in the wild as 15 years.

And do me a favor people…don’t Snopes me on this one…I really don’t care if you don’t believe it.



Our house in Colorado Springs is officially not ours anymore!

It is a good feeling except now we have to find a new place to live…and a new school…

A funny thing happened in ColSpr yesterday.  Somebody saw an African lion running around loose on the prairie at the edge of town.  So they called the people at the Big Cats of Serenity Springs Sanctuary who promplty went out and counted their lions…4 times.  Nope, not one of theirs.

So check out the video here for the local tv station and see if you agree…lion or gigantic dog?

Haiku Friday


Snow covered mountains,
giant blue sky overhead,
red rocks nestled down

Falcons soar above.
Elk, deer, and antelope play.
Bears and lions roam.