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Un stinky smell and une question

I have a stinky smell in my house.  Lullibell says it smells something like the dead squirrel on the playground when she was in second grade.  She went on to describe the smell as kind of a sicky sweet smell…Nice, right?  The weird thing about it is that it is only in the closet where I keep the sheets-the hallway linen closet.  So far it only affects the closet, not the laundry itself but I think  it might be pressing that I clean out the closet and take out everything until I can put some bleach and baking soda in there–hopefully something will absorb the smell!


On a different note-I am able to get a new phone next week.  I thought I wanted a droid but I am not sure now.  I mean an iPhone would be cool.  Even a new blackberry.  I just don’t know.  The new blackberry would be the easiest transition because that is what I have now…but the apps for the iPhone and droid are very tempting.

Anybody have any thoughts on the sitch?

One more thing-Bubba has his first football scrimmage today.  The Mites scrimmaged the Mighty Mites a little bit last night but this is his first time against a real opponent…EXCITING!!!  GO BULLDOGS!!!


Lazy (?!?!?) Saturday

Well I’m not really having a lazy Saturday.  I do have a showing at noon and have not done a great job at housekeeping this week so I have a couple more hours to finish what I have slowly been doing since 8:00 this morning…wiping walls, covering dings in the wood work, cleaning potties, dusting, wiping cabinets and counters….I could make this list very long. But the good news is that I am almost done.  I only have the floors left to do so it shouldn’t take me too much longer.

Then I have to load up the monsters-both two legged and four, and vacate the premises.  I am going to finish a project I started earlier this week…finish cleaning the carpet in my friend’s condo.  I also told her I would replace the decorative tacks on her couch this weekend so I am going to do that, too.

After that we will go to the video store and rent some movies…

So I thought I would leave something neat for you guys to do while I am gone.  My auntie that you all know as shorty sent me this link earlier this week.  I hope you enjoy it.

Spring is around the corner