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Don’t touch that!


I pass this lovely rental abode at least 3 times a week…If you can’t read the addition on the bottom of the sign it says “NO Children”

Not being a terrible snob I will say that I wouldn’t let my dogs…much less the monsters reside in such a lovely home!



Mav needs a bath

Anybody out there own a dog?  A really big uber furry dog?

I do.

And that beautiful, faithful, gorgeous humongoloid needs a bath…desperately.

I think I might rather bathe the cat.

See it’s more a facility issue than the bath really.  I used to bathe him myself when I had a shower with a hose attachment and a door on it.  But the last house didn’t have a door and this one doesn’t have a hose…Sounds like a lot of complaining for a Thursday, right?

I submit to you exhibit A…

The size of the animal in question and the amount of hair involved…do  you realize how much water that hair can hold?  Thus the need for the hose—to rinse the dog…and the need for the door on the shower—when he shakes the water out of all that hair there is a mop up crew involved in the clean up.

So today I am going to try to find one of those dog wash places…that way they have to mop up the shaken water.

I’ll keep you posted…


Much cleaner and far less indignant than 45 minutes ago!

The Eagles Have Landed

The actual landing took place at around 9:45 est last night. It was a bit later than we had intended but with a sick hubby monster, the 2 little monsters, 2 dogs and a very perturbed kitty cat we got a bit later start yesterday than we had planned.

I am sure there were thousands of missed photo opportunities along the way…the beautiful windmills along I70 in Kansas, me cleaning up the car-sick Lullibell along the side of the road twice in Kansas, Maverick doing a full on barrell roll down the stairs in the lovely hotel we stayed at in Missouri, hubbymonster chasing the 4 pound Aurora down the hall of same said lovely hotel, Bubba riding the last 100 or so miles naked from the waist down because we couldn’t find a place to pull over along I77 in West Virginia…

All told it was a very long but thankfully uneventful 1500+ mile trip across country! I am so glad to be here and not driving today!

Love to all who sent well wishes while I was dark! I missed you all

Haiku Friday

Who let the dogs out?

Wait a minute…no one did?

Can you hear them whine?!?

Please, please let me out.

I really need to go out!

Sooner than later.

But it’s not my turn.

I let them out the last time!


Silent Sunday

Caption, anyone?!?!

Lazy (?!?!?) Saturday

Well I’m not really having a lazy Saturday.  I do have a showing at noon and have not done a great job at housekeeping this week so I have a couple more hours to finish what I have slowly been doing since 8:00 this morning…wiping walls, covering dings in the wood work, cleaning potties, dusting, wiping cabinets and counters….I could make this list very long. But the good news is that I am almost done.  I only have the floors left to do so it shouldn’t take me too much longer.

Then I have to load up the monsters-both two legged and four, and vacate the premises.  I am going to finish a project I started earlier this week…finish cleaning the carpet in my friend’s condo.  I also told her I would replace the decorative tacks on her couch this weekend so I am going to do that, too.

After that we will go to the video store and rent some movies…

So I thought I would leave something neat for you guys to do while I am gone.  My auntie that you all know as shorty sent me this link earlier this week.  I hope you enjoy it.

Spring is around the corner

A mountain girl’s Favorite things

the monsters. their daddy. being a momma.

cats with loud purr machines and eyes like green marbles.

maverick’s head resting in my lap.

hugs from the monsters, especially the unsolicited ones.

swimming in the ocean. swimming in the lake. swimming at mom’s pool.

sparkly jewelry-doesn’t need to be the real expensive stuff, just sparkly.

good books with at least a relatively happy ending, especially mysteries.

holding hands. candles. warm blankets. lit fireplace.

the way the mountains look when the fog is rolling over them.

driving fast.

butterflies. lightening bugs. wild birds.

playing in the snow.

a good glass of wine. chardonay. merlot. red table. white table. homemade from mountain fruit.

seafood. red meat. sushi. popcorn. chocolate. mostly the dark kind. cucumber pickles. pickled beets and eggs. cold cereal. chicken and dumplings. gordon ramsay. lion dogs.

going to get my hair done. new highlights.

hearing from an old friend.

taking a photograph and seeing that it turned out way cool

coloring in a coloring book.

knitting. especially the last few rows to see the project come together.

blue eyes.

music. country music. phil vassar. rodney atkins. rock music. heavy on the guitar. the googoo dolls.

sitting and visiting with a friend. coffee. good, strong, dark coffee with cream.

ice cream in just about any form.

the feeling of scratching someone else’s back and knowing that they like it.

a good sale. beautiful shoes. beautiful hand bags. micheal kors shoes and handbags.

makeup. especially lipstick or gloss. and mascara.

canaries. frogs-kermit. turtles-tmnt.

learning about art. Monet. Van Gogh. Matisse.



Edgar Allen Poe.

gagillion thread count sheets.

fall leaves. football games. Virginia Tech Hokies.

my mom and dad. BABY brother! my aunts and uncles. all my cousins.

my Colorado friends. steps.

the way the trees look like velvety fabric in the rolls and folds of the mountains.

cold mountain stream water at the Cascades, near Mountain Lake

picking blackberries.

sitting in my mom and dad’s front yard under the trees at just about any time of day or evening.