Boys like to get new clothes too!

Momma and I took Bubba shopping today.  He likes shopping for clothes about a bazillion times more than Lullibell.  We bought him a bunch of new shirts and shorts which he wouldn’t even consider letting us choose for him except to find his size!  I think the most important thing to find were a new pair of camo shorts…but he also liked the burgundy cargo plaid ones an awful lot too.  We also found him a new pair of oopaloompa/kulot shorts—which he loved and refused to leave the store without!

On an even more humorous note-last night he tried to curse at me…which didn’t turn out so well for him for the obvious reason that good southern boys don’t cuss at their momma’s because daddy was gonna whup him and for the not so obvious reason—the boy has no experience using cuss words so it came out as, “you fuss at me to go to bed every…(long thoughtful pause)…Hell day!!!”


How you like your salsa? HOT HOT HOT

Momma and I got back to my house last night.  We hit the ground running this morning!

Mom made 3 quarts and 2 pints of salsa!  And I continued with my schedule of cleaning to be a better house keeper.  Laundry is about to get the better of me! I still think they are trying to wear every stitch of clothing they own!  PLUS, I got out my fix it and forget it cookbook and made saucy porkchops.  We’ll have those with some of daddy’s corn for dinner after football practice tonight.  Just gotta wiat for it to get shady on the backporch so we can shuck it!

Silent Sunday

Never had too much fun

Girls weekend at Gramma’s this weekend.  We went to the big pool with the giant slide last night.  My daddy cooked the best steak for me there!  And Lullibell-my gosh the girl had a blast on the slide!

Today we went out on the big sales tax holiday weekend and bought the girl-monster some shoes.  Her foot is now officially big enough to wear the smallest adult size.  The shoes were fabulous new balance athletic shoes that were black with blue and purple trim…

After shoe shopping Gramma suggested we go to another store in the shopping center, “just to see” if they had any school clothes Lullibell might like.  Now, let me estbalish the fact that Lullibell hates loathes despises shopping for clothes and shoes.  But apparently with Gramma shopping is the best!  The child tried on-happily-every stitch of clothing Gramma picked out AND chose her own things to try on!

We left the store with a new tshirt and skirt combo, a pink blouse, a yellow blouse, a denim romper, a ruffled shrug to wear with the romper and a ruffled skirt dress with pink and white tank top ala the ’80s AND a fab pair of Hollywood sunglasses!

After shopping we hit Gramma’s pool with a vengeance!  And the fabulous Shirl and Wes set up the giant blow up slippy slide! Awesome!

The boy monsters have it all under control at the hacienda too!  I thnk they knocked out their whole to do list before 1:00 today!


Driving across green
Beautiful Virginia
with the girl monster


Listening to songs,
singing and laughing with her
going to grandma’s


A swimming party,
new kix, playing on the slide,
wandering the hills


Friends and family
It’s good to be home again
loving all the time!


Lullibell and I are going to my mom’s this weekend for the annual fireman’s picnic.  Bubba and daddy will be staying home for football.  Should be good for them.  Hubbymonster is even going to take Bubba to buy his school shoes this weekend-tax free, baby!!!

I got a plan

I’m gonna take the kids to Busch Gardens today.  Even though it’s supposed to be hot.  And I am supposed to be super-hydrating Bubba.  Because it is supposed to be super hot today.  And he will probably be practicing in full gear today.  Which will probably get me in trouble.

But, you see, I have this other monster.  This girl monster.  She really likes water.  She loves water.  And not just for drinking or swimming.  She likes to be splashed, sprayed, sprinkled or otherwise inundated.  The look of joy on the child’s face when getting soaked is beyond comparison.

So I will take them to Busch Gardens, where we will stay only long enough to ride three water rides and possibly a roller coaster…just to dry off!

Fall…does it really rhyme with football?