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More football ‘cus I got nothin’!

I have been chasing my tail in circles since Thursday so I can’t even think of anything coherent to write about-but here ya go…love this song and the video will have you grabbin’ for the tissues!


Thursday Three

In an attempt to recommit to my blog I have been trying to come up with some canned ideas that will keep me on track even when I don’t feel like it so today I am going to kick off with the Thursday Three.

Since today is hubbymonster’s birthday Happy birthday hubbymonster!! and Elvis’s I thought my list she be my three most favorite Elvis songs.

I have a hard time narrowing it down to three but here goes!

  1. I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You
  2. Suspicion Minds
  3. Blue Moon of Kentucky

An honorable mention goes out to Hunk o’Burnin’ Love because that is Lullibell’s favorite!

oh, how I wish…

Lovelovelove this!  My favorite winter song and I do so love Miss Day!

What happened to Wednesday?!?!?

I haven’t had the heart to post recently but today I heard a song that I wanted to post but of course I can’t find a good video of it so I decided to try this one out on you all.

How do you think she keeps from flashing the world in that dress?

He thinks he’s funny

He really is a funny guy.  Apparently his label encouraged him to record his daily life on his cell phone and then they post the videos on youTube.

I have often wondered if he lives in fear since Miranda is always ready to burn something down, blow something up, or hit something with a shot gun blast…

Mr. Loaf and Family

I saw this commercial the other day and thought I would die laughing! I love “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”! I know the whole thing by heart! Sad, I know, but true.

And did you recognize the mom? That’s Tiffany! You know, the mall singer!

I was just checking out the video for “Paradise…” All I can say is that Mr. Loaf looks better now than he did back then!

Happy birthday Lullibell monster!!!

happy, happy, happy, happy BIRTHDAY!!!

Miss Lullibell monster turns 8 today!!! So in honor…Here is her very favorite Taylor Swift song!

I must admit that Taylor is growing on me!