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WHO knew?

Who knew?

Well, of course I knew and most anybody who knows me at all knew.

I am hooked. Totally addicted. So much so that I watched the entire first season in a week. And now I am totally bumming because I finished it and don’t have season 2 yet.

What am I talking about? I think the more appropriate question is Who am I talking about?

It’s the good Doctor. What Doctor? THE Doctor.

Doctor Who

I am a Doctor neophyte but I really enjoyed Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor. I am totally bummed that he was only around for the first season. His quirkiness and awkwardness only serve to make him more charming. And in researching this I found that he played/plays one of my favorite characters on Heroes-Claude, the invisible man. Who knew?

And Billie Piper as Rose Tyler…she is beautiful and funny and down to earth (no pun).  When she looks at the doctor you know she loves him in a way that cannot be quantified, qualified or other wise explained.

Back to season one…at first I thought there was no way I was going to get into it but the more I watched the more I liked…I like all of the hidden clues, I like the way the series loops back into itself, I like all the characters, the doctor, Rose, her mum, Mickey Smith…all of the aliens, and the way the doctor insults other species when he gets angry…season one was fun (although the episode where the nanogens regenerated the little boy with the gas mask face was creepy) And now I understand a lot more about my beloved Torchwood!

I hope that the Doctor in season two can live up to what this newby has come to believe might be the best scifi show ever!

Who knew?


A funny thing…

I have been meaning to type this up for a while and since I am suffering terribly with writer’s block I am going to share a funny from our daily lives.

When we started looking at frames for Lullibell’s new glasses we went to the eye center at a big box store that has truly fallen out of favor recently. We sorted through the kids frames and picked a few that she really liked.

All of the frames were from kid shows or famous people…there was Sponge Bob Squarepants and the Fairly Odd Parents and 2 pairs of Hannah Montana frames that she really liked.

So we tried on each pair and each pair looked equally as lovely on her cute little face. But there seemed to be a problem. She really liked all of them but she kept insisting that she would never be able to see past the logo on the lenses.

In my harried state I finally said, “Okay well let’s just go for right now and we will come back later this afternoon and pick something for sure then.”

When we came back it was the same thing…”I just can’t see past the Hannah Montana on the lens!” So we ended up picking the Fairly Odd parents frames when it occurred to me
that she didn’t realize that the logo was a sticker and would not be on her new real lenses. I swear I couldn’t help but wonder who was the bigger dingbat…her for not realizing that they wouldn’t put something on the lenses that wasn’t removable… or me for not figuring out what she meant!


aaahhh the meek shall inherit….

Well this one is for VTHemi. Not sure what to say here brother except that not only did I get sorted into Hufflepuff but I think I may belong there. In my old age I think I have mellowed. The second highest score I got would have put me into Griffindor (and when Lullibell took the test she was a Griffindor! Bubba was too busy.)

At least I look good in purple and yellow but I’m not sure about the mascot-is that an armadillo?!?!?!

The sorting hat says that I belong in Hufflepuff!
Said Hufflepuff, “I’ll teach the lot, and treat them just the same.”

Hufflepuff students are friendly, fair-minded, modest, and hard-working. A well-known member was Cedric Diggory, who represented Hogwarts in the most recent Triwizard Tournament.

Take the most scientific Harry Potter
ever created.

Get Sorted Now!

A mountain girl’s Favorite things

the monsters. their daddy. being a momma.

cats with loud purr machines and eyes like green marbles.

maverick’s head resting in my lap.

hugs from the monsters, especially the unsolicited ones.

swimming in the ocean. swimming in the lake. swimming at mom’s pool.

sparkly jewelry-doesn’t need to be the real expensive stuff, just sparkly.

good books with at least a relatively happy ending, especially mysteries.

holding hands. candles. warm blankets. lit fireplace.

the way the mountains look when the fog is rolling over them.

driving fast.

butterflies. lightening bugs. wild birds.

playing in the snow.

a good glass of wine. chardonay. merlot. red table. white table. homemade from mountain fruit.

seafood. red meat. sushi. popcorn. chocolate. mostly the dark kind. cucumber pickles. pickled beets and eggs. cold cereal. chicken and dumplings. gordon ramsay. lion dogs.

going to get my hair done. new highlights.

hearing from an old friend.

taking a photograph and seeing that it turned out way cool

coloring in a coloring book.

knitting. especially the last few rows to see the project come together.

blue eyes.

music. country music. phil vassar. rodney atkins. rock music. heavy on the guitar. the googoo dolls.

sitting and visiting with a friend. coffee. good, strong, dark coffee with cream.

ice cream in just about any form.

the feeling of scratching someone else’s back and knowing that they like it.

a good sale. beautiful shoes. beautiful hand bags. micheal kors shoes and handbags.

makeup. especially lipstick or gloss. and mascara.

canaries. frogs-kermit. turtles-tmnt.

learning about art. Monet. Van Gogh. Matisse.



Edgar Allen Poe.

gagillion thread count sheets.

fall leaves. football games. Virginia Tech Hokies.

my mom and dad. BABY brother! my aunts and uncles. all my cousins.

my Colorado friends. steps.

the way the trees look like velvety fabric in the rolls and folds of the mountains.

cold mountain stream water at the Cascades, near Mountain Lake

picking blackberries.

sitting in my mom and dad’s front yard under the trees at just about any time of day or evening.

Silent Sunday: Santa’s place

Santa’s satellite tree

Santa’s flight experts

Feelin’ the spirit

I’m not sure what’s going on with me this year.  I so totally am not stressed out about the holidays.  Usually by now I am caught up in the frenzy of there’s not enough time or money to get me through the holidays.  I yell at my kids and anyone else that seems to be slowing me down.

Yesterday I went to that dreaded big box toy store that all children think is nirvana.  I spent a bit of time looking for one of the things both monsters asked for.  Never got irritated, never had the urge to scream at anyone.  I had a lovely converstion with the people in line behind me.  My gift card that I had been saving to use on just such an occasion wouldn’t swipe, scan or check.  Never got irritated.  The checker entered it by hand and voila-my fifty dollars!  I had a lovely conversation with the checker.  I couldn’t believe it.

Once again the lights are out on the front tree.  I am going to replace the second strand with a string that can take the high load but I will have to wait til tomorrow because it snowed again last night and off and on today.  Still not making me crazy.

I haven’t mailed a single card or gift.  Haven’t wrapped any presents.  Still not making me crazy!

I am enjoying the monsters and their excitement over the holidays.  Listening to Christmas music.  Watching the monsters create paper “projects” (Bubba’s name for it) that leave bits of paper everywhere-still not freaking out.  The kids were hoem for a snow day toady.  We elfed ourselves (thanks faboo mama)!

I know that I will love my friends and family the week after Christmas-with or without presents, cards, etc.  I know that if I get everything done and it’s a little late-so what?  My family and friends will still love me.

Everything pales when you think that the Christ child came in spite of preparations that everyone made for Him.  And to think that the birth of a carpenter’s child 2000 years ago can stop traffic and change our lives even today!

Christmas magic and cool toys

Friday was a magical day for Bubba.  A day of Christmas magic and cool toys. My friend, Miss E, has a very special friend who just happens to be the sister of a man with a snowy white beard and hair.  He wears a red suit and, yep you guessed it, has a sleigh parked in front of his house right now.

On Friday, Bubba and I went to visit with Miss E.  We had a lovely munchy breakfast and Bubba played with a toy that I had never seen before.  It was a toy she had saved from her youngest son who is 39.  Oscar’s Trashcan Game.  I bet Bubba could have played with that game for hours if given the opportunity.  The object of the game is to flip trash into the can with spatula-catapults.  Hours of fun to be had.

Right before we left Miss E’s house she got a phone call from her friend, Santa’s sister.  The big guy and his sister wanted Miss E to come see the sleigh because they had just finished decorating it.  Bubba was flabbergasted!!!  Speechless!!!

A little while later, after he had regained the power of speech,  Bubba asked if WE could go see Santa’s sleigh.  I asked him how we would get there and his answer was that we could drive around until we found it.  Then he added that we could ask Miss E how to get there.

This exchange gave me time to think about my answer.  I told Bubba that Santa had shared some of his Christmas magic with his sister so Miss E could come visit them and see the sleigh.

This answer satisfied him.  I love Christmas magic.