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Yay-Happy ending!

I have raised a Phoebe.  I love Lullibell dearly and one of  her most endearing qualities is her LOVE of happy endings.  She only wants to watch movies with happy endings, read books with happy endings.  Everything must end justly with all of the “good” characters living happily ever after. Much like Phoebe on Friends-remember how she thought Ol’Yeller had a happy ending…and Bambi…I wish life was all happy endings.

Over the weekend I watched a movie I wanted to tell you guys about.  If you haven’t seen Julie and Julia you really should. Funny, sweet and a relatively happy ending…I just wish I could cook like Julie-she was brave enough to try all of the recipes in the book. I don’t think I could pay my family to eat some of the things in that cookbook!  And the things you learn about Julia Chiles-I really had no idea what a saucy, naughty thing she was!



When I got up this morning I took a basket out into the backyard and checked the fig tree.  The figs near the bottom had ripened enough that they were ready to big picked.  I didn’t think I would get very many because they seemed so small and dry the other day when I looked.  When I started picking I was surprised at how many there were.  I ended up bringing my small basket inside and picking up the strainer basket for my salad spinner!

Check out the beauty of the fruit and the quantity!  God is good!

Happy birthday Lullibell monster!!!

happy, happy, happy, happy BIRTHDAY!!!

Miss Lullibell monster turns 8 today!!! So in honor…Here is her very favorite Taylor Swift song!

I must admit that Taylor is growing on me!

The big event

Yesterday was the Mother’s Tea. Bubba and I had a fabulous time. There was lemonade and cake for the mommies and cupcakes for the little people, and strawberries and whipped cream. (Note the lack of tea—that always make me giggle!)

The teachers had practiced a selection of songs with the children from Japan, Mexico and the USA. Absolutely adorable! They sang It’s a Small World, Whole Earth (think He’s Got the Whole World only they named the 7 continents!), Mari San No Hitsuju (Mary had a Little Lamb), Atama, Kata, Hiza, Sumasaki (Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes), Estrellita (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star), Por favor Y Gracias, Macarena Math, Grand Old Flag, and Yankee Doodle Dandy.

And the art projects from around the world were fabulous! There were platos de fruitos, mariposas monarch, japanese lanterns, cut pattern blankets, Japanese fans, and of course the big handprint flag. They also painted frames and had their pictures in them as place cards…so cool.

One of my favorite things about the event is the My Special Mommy page of the program. Funny stuff, that thing. It’s a fill in the blank about Mommy’s favorite things. Mommy loves to cook spaghetti. When Mommy talks on the phone she talks to Miss Carroll. Mommy would like to take a vacation to Virginia. When I am sick Mommy makes me feel better by giving me the ear infection medicine and warm dinner. Mommy’s job is to help me and my sister. Mommy’s favorite show is a show where there is lots of scary stuff. Mommy likes to wear a red coat. Mommy always says “Dinner’s ready!”.

The funniest ones I have ever heard or that Bubba said about me: Mommy’s favorite show is Hannah Montana to which the mommy replied,”I have never even seen that show!” Or how about Mommy likes to cook…My mommy hates to cook! And then last year Bubba’s Mommy always says…Don’t touch your sister!


3 weeks ago my garage door made an awful sound…like the scream of a wild animal being tortured…poor Lullibell just happened to be standing in the garage at the moment…she totally freaked out (and this is not the monster that is afraid of loud noises but this was awful).

So I went down to ask my neighbor if he had time to look at it.  He wasn’t home and then I wasn’t home and then he wasn’t home and then….well you get the picture.

Anyway a few days later he was able to come down and look at it…then needed to do a little research…then ordered the part…then found out that was the wrong part…then found the right part…which is not sold retail anywhere but he found one through “connections”!

So today he came down and installed the new part and now I have a fully functioning garage door opener…I am so happy.

Silent Sunday: Easter in Colorado


We clean up real good for Easter! But, Lord, it’s hard to get 4 people to make a sweet face and look at the camera!


The kids flowered the cross and learned about that tradition today!
Thanks to the Lambeaus for the beautiful cross form!


This is how one wears one’s beautiful new sandals to church on Easter Sunday in Colorado!

Haiku Friday: Good Friday


Dinner for thirteen

Follow a man with a jar

to an upstairs room.

Passover seder

All together to commune

One will soon betray!

Garden betrayal

Dungeon beatings and trial

Hung on cross to die.

Sent to teach us love

He showed us grace of God

Took my sins away.