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A Haircut…and grounded AGAIN!

I took Bubba to get a haircut today.  This is one of those things I hate about moving-finding someone to cut that boys hair…he has more crowns and cowlicks than a Dairy Queen!  We went to one place and read the signs on the door before we went in…turns out it was a place where they do “ethnic hair”…I didn’t figure he needed a new weave or braids so we looked for another place.

When we pulled up in front Bubba saw the barber pole and decided this was the place for him.  I thought we were in the right place too.  The owner was Korean with very little English!  I had to show him a picture of the haircut we wanted which scared the bajeezus out of me!  But He gave Bubba a great haircut and Bubba declared him a “really nice guy” on the way out the door.

After that we came home and worked around the house some and the kids got in the pool…where they fought the whole time.  Then the monsters went for a bike ride…and fought the whole time.  Later I asked them to gather all of the trash up from the small room cans….and they fought the whole time!  With the use of the term of endearment “shut up”   they earned some time at their newest and seemingly fairly effective punishment-sitting at the kitchen table with the book they are reading at the moment and a notebook and pencil.  While this doesn’t really sound like much of a punishment it works pretty well because of the location…they can’t curl up and read/write and they can’t watch tv, listen to music, or play a video game at their leisure…which thoroughly ticks them off.  So far so good!


Cut the cord…

I have found a new level of frustration…the frustration that one living in the electronic age feels when every single power cord and connection cable necessary for function leads you on a scavenger hunt!

I all started when I tried to connect the tv/vcr/dvd together. I had a mass of coaxial cable to use but the cute little color coded cords that make all of these things function properly were nowhere to be found. Still haven’t found them. But we did get some replacement ones. This made the kids very happy.

Then I started working on the computer. Everything was going so well until I got to the printer…no cord to hook it into the cpu. This was not such a huge deal as the printer needs to be replaced anyway so I haven’t really worried about it all that much.

But now I can’t find the usb cord for my camera. I really want that cord. I tore through the house looking in all the places I thought I might have put it and in some completely illogical place too. No cord. I do have 2 usb cords that I have no idea what they hook up but they don’t fit the camera! Good news though…I did find the usb for my ipod

So no pictures of the house yet. If I find it or when I get a replacement I will post the pictures that I snapped this morning.

All of Creation

Today the monsters went to a one day Vacation Bible School at my momma’s church.  It is a teeny little white church on a windy little road affectionately known as the dam road (no, not misspelled, the road ends up at a hydroelectric power dam).  The morning dawned terribly foggy but the sun rose with such a vengeance I definitely knew it was July.  The fog burned off quickly but there were remnants left as we drove to the church, shimmering under the boughs of the trees and making every thing look just a little greener.

After depositing Lullibell and a very weepy Bubba at the church I headed toward town to drop off some slightly overdue library books.  Another winding path of a road.  In one curve I slowed down for animals crossing the road—a beautiful doe and twin fawns.  The mother stopped and looked at me with all the authority of a crossing guard.  I waited and watched her and the beautiful babies finish crossing the road and scramble up the bank.

On the way back from the library I decided to go back the same way.  A bit further up the road from where the deer had crossed there were 6 turkeys flapping and fussing on the side of the road.  There was one that was at least 3 and a half feet tall. Amazing.

There is a piece of property along the road that I have long admired.  In the front corner of the lot, by the road a stand of turk’s caps lilies grows.  I had slowed to check those for blooms when I realized there was a very large chimpmunk sitting in the one sunny patch on the road looking at me.

I am constanly amazed by the beauty that surrounds me.  I felt truly blessed by the simple show of nature this morning.

The “other” war? WTF?!?!

I was watching the evening news with my mom yesterday, something I rarely do because I usually watch Fox news or just read up on-line about what is happening in the world.  I really became livid sitting there thinking about the garbage that we are being spoon fed.

The segment that thoroughly pissed me off was about an air strike in Afghanistan where our AMERICAN troops are fighting “The Other War”.  This was THE war, people.  The war to get the bastards that killed so many people on September 11.  Now we are calling it “the other war”?!?!  Apparently yesterday there was some heavy fighting in Afghanistan.  Afghani troops were engaged with Taliban on the ground.  The American troops in the area were also engaged in the battle.  An air strike was arranged.  The air strike was made and the are patrolled by an unmanned drone after the strike.  Several Taliban were killed and, unfortunately, in the process there were several Afghani soldiers killed too.

Then the finger pointing began…”You killed some of our men”…”You were supposed to withdraw your people”…”You did not tell us you were going to do that”…”We were talking to you during the entire incident”…

It sucks that there were friendly troops in the area when this went down.  It sucks that they were killed or injured.  Really.

But here is the rub for me—How did  Afghanistan become the territory of thugs and extremists?  How did Afghanistan become a country where it is illegal to educate girls?  Where people who attempted to educate girls were dragged out into the streets and stoned…shot…hanged?

And now AMERICA is going to have to make reparations to a country that is overrrun with religious extremism because the world (and our own friggin’ free people) think that our military would intentionally target the troops that are supposed to be fighting for the freedom of their own country!

Give me a break people!

After the segment on the air strike we were shown a piece about the new education system in Afghanistan.  Little girls going to school.  Smiling, happy faces enjoying the freedom to go and learn.  My question is, how long will this last?  How long after the western world gets what it has been yammering about for five years, and the U.S. pulls out of the Middle East, how long will it be before those little girls are beaten back into submission and their freedom to an education is wrenched from their hands?



Today I have that feeling that I am about to get run over by life. My friend Ccubed once gave me a book mark that says “I try to take it one day at a time but lately several days have ganged up on me.” Kind of how I feel right now.

I know that once things actually start happening I will feel better and not so paralyzed. I really wish that would make feel better about where I am right now.

So the actions I am taking today:

  1. getting the box to mail a bunch of the kids stuff to my mom and dad.
  2. trying to hunt down a car top carrier on craigslist
  3. remembering to eat
  4. get a few grocery things
  5. possibly getting the stuff to make Flat Bubba for prekindergarten graduation

I think that will get me through today

Time for Momma and Bubba

Today will be my fifth and final Mother’s Tea at the preschool Bubba attends. I went to two with Lullibell and This year marks my third with the Bubba monster. Over the years we have had different themes… flowers… hats…flower garden…mommy love…and this year our theme is around the world.

Bubba has been singing songs for this in the back of the van for weeks…It’s a small world…I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy…Mary had a Little Lamb (in Japanese!)…something in Spanish that I can’t quite put my finger on…I am SO excited to hear the whole production that I just can’t wait!

But I am also a little bit sad about it being the last one. Heck, I can’t even believe it is my fifth one let alone the last one. I can’t get past the fact that my kids are not babies anymore. Where did the time go?!?

So in honor of the tea today I am posting some of my pictures from last year. Very sweet little people singing Skinamarinkadinkadink…I love that song!

Poor Bubba…

Bubba has spring fever or schoolitis or something.

It took me a bit to catch on but now it is painfully really obvious. Everyday, when it is time to go he is afflicted by some new ailment…headache, tummy ache, legs hurt…this all started with his earache not too long ago. I think that may be why it took me so long to catch on.

At first it stopped when we got to school and he saw his friends. But now it seems to be continuing after I drop him off in he form of malingering and just general non-participation. So I have been talking to his teachers, who are fabulous by the way, trying to figure out the source and the solution.

I have asked him why it seems like he doesn’t want to go to school…is there a person that is upsetting him?…is there an activity that he doesn’t care for?…is there something mommy can do differently?

I have gotten a couple of ideas this week about what he is feeling. He wants to stay home and play with the neighborhood children. He is tired of practicing for the program that they are doing tomorrow. Today I figured out that his perfectionism is part of the problem. It seems that there has been alot of scissor use recently and while he is a great cutter, circles baffle him. Who knew?

I think he is also feeling unsettled and uncomfortable with our impending move and what is going on there. Maybe as if he has no control over his life at this moment. Everything is kind of in a hurry up and wait mode for all of us so I think that might be part of the problem.

So I am going to continue to try to get him off to school in a good mood and maybe we will get over this bump in the road soon!