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Don’t touch that!


I pass this lovely rental abode at least 3 times a week…If you can’t read the addition on the bottom of the sign it says “NO Children”

Not being a terrible snob I will say that I wouldn’t let my dogs…much less the monsters reside in such a lovely home!




Our house in Colorado Springs is officially not ours anymore!

It is a good feeling except now we have to find a new place to live…and a new school…

A funny thing happened in ColSpr yesterday.  Somebody saw an African lion running around loose on the prairie at the edge of town.  So they called the people at the Big Cats of Serenity Springs Sanctuary who promplty went out and counted their lions…4 times.  Nope, not one of theirs.

So check out the video here for the local tv station and see if you agree…lion or gigantic dog?

The Eagles Have Landed

The actual landing took place at around 9:45 est last night. It was a bit later than we had intended but with a sick hubby monster, the 2 little monsters, 2 dogs and a very perturbed kitty cat we got a bit later start yesterday than we had planned.

I am sure there were thousands of missed photo opportunities along the way…the beautiful windmills along I70 in Kansas, me cleaning up the car-sick Lullibell along the side of the road twice in Kansas, Maverick doing a full on barrell roll down the stairs in the lovely hotel we stayed at in Missouri, hubbymonster chasing the 4 pound Aurora down the hall of same said lovely hotel, Bubba riding the last 100 or so miles naked from the waist down because we couldn’t find a place to pull over along I77 in West Virginia…

All told it was a very long but thankfully uneventful 1500+ mile trip across country! I am so glad to be here and not driving today!

Love to all who sent well wishes while I was dark! I missed you all

Analysis paralysis

I got everything on my list from yesterday done except for the poster paint and stuff to decorate Flat Bubba. That will happen today. It felt good to stop thinking about things and actually do them. I know that the biggest part of my paralysis is the thinking. I need to act but I all I can do is just think. And worry.

My goals for today:

  1. Get the paint.
  2. Take Maverick to the groomer.
  3. set up a time to pick up the car top carrier that I found yesterday.
  4. take a load of the stuff that we are taking with us to Miss E’s house.
  5. decorate Flat Bubba.

I suppose I should explain Flat Bubba. For the Prekindergarten graduation they are going to decorate the room with poster board renditions of each child that the families decorate. I just took to calling the cut out Bubba sized piece of paper Flat Bubba after the 1964 children’s book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. It is a story about a little boy who gets flattened by a cork board and travels the world by mailing himself from place to place!

Haiku Friday

Who let the dogs out?

Wait a minute…no one did?

Can you hear them whine?!?

Please, please let me out.

I really need to go out!

Sooner than later.

But it’s not my turn.

I let them out the last time!


Silent Sunday

Caption, anyone?!?!

Lazy (?!?!?) Saturday

Well I’m not really having a lazy Saturday.  I do have a showing at noon and have not done a great job at housekeeping this week so I have a couple more hours to finish what I have slowly been doing since 8:00 this morning…wiping walls, covering dings in the wood work, cleaning potties, dusting, wiping cabinets and counters….I could make this list very long. But the good news is that I am almost done.  I only have the floors left to do so it shouldn’t take me too much longer.

Then I have to load up the monsters-both two legged and four, and vacate the premises.  I am going to finish a project I started earlier this week…finish cleaning the carpet in my friend’s condo.  I also told her I would replace the decorative tacks on her couch this weekend so I am going to do that, too.

After that we will go to the video store and rent some movies…

So I thought I would leave something neat for you guys to do while I am gone.  My auntie that you all know as shorty sent me this link earlier this week.  I hope you enjoy it.

Spring is around the corner