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More football ‘cus I got nothin’!

I have been chasing my tail in circles since Thursday so I can’t even think of anything coherent to write about-but here ya go…love this song and the video will have you grabbin’ for the tissues!


Boys like to get new clothes too!

Momma and I took Bubba shopping today.  He likes shopping for clothes about a bazillion times more than Lullibell.  We bought him a bunch of new shirts and shorts which he wouldn’t even consider letting us choose for him except to find his size!  I think the most important thing to find were a new pair of camo shorts…but he also liked the burgundy cargo plaid ones an awful lot too.  We also found him a new pair of oopaloompa/kulot shorts—which he loved and refused to leave the store without!

On an even more humorous note-last night he tried to curse at me…which didn’t turn out so well for him for the obvious reason that good southern boys don’t cuss at their momma’s because daddy was gonna whup him and for the not so obvious reason—the boy has no experience using cuss words so it came out as, “you fuss at me to go to bed every…(long thoughtful pause)…Hell day!!!”


Driving across green
Beautiful Virginia
with the girl monster


Listening to songs,
singing and laughing with her
going to grandma’s


A swimming party,
new kix, playing on the slide,
wandering the hills


Friends and family
It’s good to be home again
loving all the time!


Lullibell and I are going to my mom’s this weekend for the annual fireman’s picnic.  Bubba and daddy will be staying home for football.  Should be good for them.  Hubbymonster is even going to take Bubba to buy his school shoes this weekend-tax free, baby!!!

Fall…does it really rhyme with football?

Thursday Three

In an attempt to recommit to my blog I have been trying to come up with some canned ideas that will keep me on track even when I don’t feel like it so today I am going to kick off with the Thursday Three.

Since today is hubbymonster’s birthday Happy birthday hubbymonster!! and Elvis’s I thought my list she be my three most favorite Elvis songs.

I have a hard time narrowing it down to three but here goes!

  1. I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You
  2. Suspicion Minds
  3. Blue Moon of Kentucky

An honorable mention goes out to Hunk o’Burnin’ Love because that is Lullibell’s favorite!

Where do I start….

I need to get all of this out so that I can start writing real posts again so here goes…What has the monster family been up to since Momma fell off the map…

At the end of May, most of you know, I packed up my house, put everything in storage and moved in with my momma until something happened with the house in Colorado Springs.  When we got to momma’s house we stepped into wedding planning mode as my brother is getting married on July 19 (their colors are pink and green but I like to quote Steel Magnolias to my sister-in-law-to-be and call them blush and bashful) and my cousin (the baby of all of us) is getting married on December 27.

At the beginning of June I attended the wedding of my dear friends Emmy and Robert,  a lavish and beautiful affair in the style of Last Southern Weddings.  The bride was beautiful, the food was delicious and the groom looked as if he might be happy that the whole thing came off and now they are official!  Some of the groomsmen even serenaded Miss Emmy with “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin'”!

As the month of June wore on we were offered a contract on the house in the Springs.  I didn’t want to mention it for fear of jinxing the whole thing so I haven’t said anything about it.  We were made an offer that was significantly lower thatn what we were hoping to get but decided to accept it because we didn’t think we were likely to get another one that was any higher.  On Tuesday I completed that title paperwork on the contract and the closing is next week on Monday.  I am still keeping everything very low key and saying a little prayer that the outcome will be good for our family.

The weather here has been kind of rainy and wet since the end of the month but the monsters are very dark and tan and still enjoying grandmomma’s pool and playing with all of their little cousins and Virginia friends.  It is really quite humorous to hear Bubba’s little voice taking on a southern accent!

Independence day was a fairly subdued affair beginning with the monsters riding in the little town parade with their Nana.  For the rest of the day we just hung out and waited for darkness.  We went to the fairgrounds to see fireworks and watched an impersonator concert.  The Kenny Chesney guy might have fooled Kenny’s own momma for the most part and the fireworks were magnificent, a 20 minute display by the people who set up fireworks displays for the White House!

Hubby monster left for a conference in Bahrain on the 4th as well.  The schedule seemed to be farily grueling because almost as soon as they got accustomed to the time difference it was time to come  back home!  He is back in the US now and almost back to Florida and to his regular daily grind!

I have been receiving mail for my *snort* 20 year high school class reunion*snortgulpchoke* for a while now but elected not to go because it was looking like such a costly affair and it was the same day as VtHemi’s wedding.  Now it seems that some of my classmates are getting together for a picnic at the park near my momma’s house…at 2pm on the day of the wedding…so I guess I will not go to that one either but I have the cell phone numbers of a couple of the people going so hopefully I will be able to catch up with them at some point that weekend!

I always look forward to the coming of summer and think that it will be a slower time.  But as I read through this to edit it I realized that I am looking forward to fall coming and being able to get into a routine that is slower…bwahahahahaha…

The Eagles Have Landed

The actual landing took place at around 9:45 est last night. It was a bit later than we had intended but with a sick hubby monster, the 2 little monsters, 2 dogs and a very perturbed kitty cat we got a bit later start yesterday than we had planned.

I am sure there were thousands of missed photo opportunities along the way…the beautiful windmills along I70 in Kansas, me cleaning up the car-sick Lullibell along the side of the road twice in Kansas, Maverick doing a full on barrell roll down the stairs in the lovely hotel we stayed at in Missouri, hubbymonster chasing the 4 pound Aurora down the hall of same said lovely hotel, Bubba riding the last 100 or so miles naked from the waist down because we couldn’t find a place to pull over along I77 in West Virginia…

All told it was a very long but thankfully uneventful 1500+ mile trip across country! I am so glad to be here and not driving today!

Love to all who sent well wishes while I was dark! I missed you all