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I got a plan

I’m gonna take the kids to Busch Gardens today.  Even though it’s supposed to be hot.  And I am supposed to be super-hydrating Bubba.  Because it is supposed to be super hot today.  And he will probably be practicing in full gear today.  Which will probably get me in trouble.

But, you see, I have this other monster.  This girl monster.  She really likes water.  She loves water.  And not just for drinking or swimming.  She likes to be splashed, sprayed, sprinkled or otherwise inundated.  The look of joy on the child’s face when getting soaked is beyond comparison.

So I will take them to Busch Gardens, where we will stay only long enough to ride three water rides and possibly a roller coaster…just to dry off!


Silent Sunday: Green…Easy!


When I got up this morning I took a basket out into the backyard and checked the fig tree.  The figs near the bottom had ripened enough that they were ready to big picked.  I didn’t think I would get very many because they seemed so small and dry the other day when I looked.  When I started picking I was surprised at how many there were.  I ended up bringing my small basket inside and picking up the strainer basket for my salad spinner!

Check out the beauty of the fruit and the quantity!  God is good!

All of Creation

Today the monsters went to a one day Vacation Bible School at my momma’s church.  It is a teeny little white church on a windy little road affectionately known as the dam road (no, not misspelled, the road ends up at a hydroelectric power dam).  The morning dawned terribly foggy but the sun rose with such a vengeance I definitely knew it was July.  The fog burned off quickly but there were remnants left as we drove to the church, shimmering under the boughs of the trees and making every thing look just a little greener.

After depositing Lullibell and a very weepy Bubba at the church I headed toward town to drop off some slightly overdue library books.  Another winding path of a road.  In one curve I slowed down for animals crossing the road—a beautiful doe and twin fawns.  The mother stopped and looked at me with all the authority of a crossing guard.  I waited and watched her and the beautiful babies finish crossing the road and scramble up the bank.

On the way back from the library I decided to go back the same way.  A bit further up the road from where the deer had crossed there were 6 turkeys flapping and fussing on the side of the road.  There was one that was at least 3 and a half feet tall. Amazing.

There is a piece of property along the road that I have long admired.  In the front corner of the lot, by the road a stand of turk’s caps lilies grows.  I had slowed to check those for blooms when I realized there was a very large chimpmunk sitting in the one sunny patch on the road looking at me.

I am constanly amazed by the beauty that surrounds me.  I felt truly blessed by the simple show of nature this morning.

Country wedding…redneck reception

Saturday night I attended the wedding of a fella that I have known since he was born.  I remember when he was just a tiny llittle guy, not even a year old.  His granny used to give him a handful of nails and a hammer and sit him on the back porch and Ihe would drive nails into the porch.  She always knew he was back there because he was determined to drive the nails into the porch and if he stopped she knew right away because the pounding had stopped!

The wedding was lovely.  It was in a green pasture with a beautiful barn wood arbor festooned in magnolia leaves.  The bride looked beautiful in a strapless lace gown and the groom was very handsome in his own farm boy way.  Guitar music and a wonderful singer who sang a lovely country song were a part of the ceremont that was performed by a friend from way back.

The reception was a free-for-all with the family and friends of the bride and groom seeking shelter from the rain briefly under a white tent in the backyard of the groom’s family.  Good food abounded with a southern pig pickin’…pulled pork..cream corn…slaw…super sweet sticky barbecue sauce…tenderloin pulled straight off the carcas of the pig…a beautiful wedding cake and a rodeo groom’s cake.

The DJ did the obligatory dances between the wedding party and family members.  The small children danced until near collapse.  The wine and beer flowed to the tune of 9 floating kegs.  There was rowdy debauchery all around and everyone went home with plenty to talk about until the next wedding!

Seriously…it was loads of fun for me to see that my little town kids could almost keep up with the little wild country children and come out relatively unscathed.  It was also wonderful to see all the friends and extended family that I get to see when I go to weddings and the like in my hometown!

Silent Sunday

Pretty sparklies that my friend Nancy made. She even hand beaded the necklace part!

Happy Earth Day!!!