I have raised a Phoebe.  I love Lullibell dearly and one of  her most endearing qualities is her LOVE of happy endings.  She only wants to watch movies with happy endings, read books with happy endings.  Everything must end justly with all of the “good” characters living happily ever after. Much like Phoebe on Friends-remember how she thought Ol’Yeller had a happy ending…and Bambi…I wish life was all happy endings.

Over the weekend I watched a movie I wanted to tell you guys about.  If you haven’t seen Julie and Julia you really should. Funny, sweet and a relatively happy ending…I just wish I could cook like Julie-she was brave enough to try all of the recipes in the book. I don’t think I could pay my family to eat some of the things in that cookbook!  And the things you learn about Julia Chiles-I really had no idea what a saucy, naughty thing she was!