It’s been over a year since I posted anything but I was thinking that since I don’t have a job right now that I would have PLENTY of time to bore you guys to death with my posts about nothing in particular…I like the randomness of being able to post whatever I want without being tied to a theme!

Of course, that is assuming that I still have anybody interested in reading me…or even looking me up…sigh…

Anyway, at my new house I have fabulous trees all around me.  The drawbeck to this is that when the wind blows these beautiful creatures around sticks fall…everywhere…and somebody has to clean them up. Which makes the monsters veerrrryyy happy…NOT!

One of the wonderful benefits to having the trees is that I have 3 fruit bearing trees-2 figs and a peach.  The peach is long since past bearing any fruit but the fig tree is loaded with figs like these.

The problem is that the most beautiful and ripe figs are 15 feet off the ground…not close enough to Bubbamonster’s bedroom window to pick but oh so close enough to see…guess I am going to have to let hubby monster buy that extension ladder he has always wanted!

And Lullibell said since it’s Friday I need to write a Haiku too, so here goes:

There is a fig tree
in my yard hoarding purple
treasure at the top.


I want to harvest
this bounty before my friends
with feathers find it!