Steeler football is 60 minutes.

That’s what Coach Tomlin said after the game last night.

Frankly, I was really glad when that 60 minutes was over!  I couldn’t even watch it.  It wasn’t that I didn’t believe they could pull it off.  Really.

Eight plays. Seventy eight yards…

Roethlisberger jokingly called the last play, “Scramble left, scramble right, and find someone open.”

A big guy like Ben doesn’t really scramble though, does he?  It was more lumbering than scrambling!  With his first two reads covered, Big Ben had to believe in himself and Santonio Holmes, who had dropped a pass earlier, to make this play.

And a beautiful play it was!  Amazing. Nail biting. Toes-tapping-the-edge-of-the-end-zone kind of beautiful!

And as an added win to the day…in the flag football game prior to the Super Bowl…the old guys at church beat the youth by 2 touchdowns…I wonder who is moving with the most difficulty this morning…and does that negate their win?