Bubba starts soccer tomorrow.  His last day of basketball and first day of soccer overlap so he should be exhausted tomorrow…Hallelujah!

He is terribly excited about this and has reminded me regularly that he needs cleats and shin guards and a ball for the start of this new venture.

So this morning I set out to buy him some new cleats and shin guards and reminded him that he already has a perfectly serviceable ball.  Little did I know the fun ahead!

I bought him the new cleats in a size larger(3) than his school shoes that were purchased at the beginning of school…in August.  Brought them home and set about trying to jam his freakishly large six year old foot into them…Guess what?  You got it…they DIDN’T FIT!!!

This normally would not have been a problem but the store that I bought them at…which has fantastic prices on such items…is no where near our house.  As a matter of fact there really isn’t a great place to buy any sporting good items all that close by.

So we made the trek back to the store to exchange the shoes.

We didn’t even bother trying on a 3.5 because the 3 was so tiny.  He tried on a 4…nope…How about a 4.5?…nope…My six year old wears a size 5…A SIZE FIVE

I remember my mom thinking that my brother was telling her shoes fit that didn’t because he wanted that particular style…only to have them not fit like a week later…I swear I believe him now!

The child’s foot has already almost outgrown the lovely dress shoes that he wore in my cousin’s wedding in December!

If he is growing this fast now how am I going to keep him clothed and shod when he becomes a teenager?!?!?!