Have I mentioned to you all lately how much I really just don’t enjoy people for the most part?  I mean, there is a certain, very specific kind of person that I enjoy…everyone whose company I enjoy is just a bit offbeat, kind of quirky and fun.  The thing is, and I have found this to be true across the board, that just about all of the people that I find myself being friends with…all in some ways are rule followers.  I don’t mean the kind of blind rule followers that set the world up for a 1984 kind of existence but the kind of rule followers that obey the rules even if they are inconvenient and just don’t quite fit into their schedules…the kind of rule followers, that, if they don’t like a rule will seek out a way to change it.

This brings me back around to my point…two lanes in the kiss-and-go-lane at school…one to drop off, one to pull through and park.  I parked this morning because I had to run into the office.  Backing out, a cow with a very large horn on her very tiny car was swooping out of her lane and into mine only to drive down the middle of both lanes instead of picking a lane….yeargh!  Then proceeds to blow kisses out the window to her child who is walking backwards and bumping into every one and everything between her and the gate…gag me!

Then, another person in a gigantic SUV pulls into the top of the turn lane into the school driveway and lets her kid out there…backing up everyone trying to turn into the driveway!  What is up with people?  Seriously!

I realize that this is not the kind of earth shatterin thing that should ruin an entire day and so that is why I am dumping it here…so we can snark together…

I bet those of you who spend a lot more time on the road than I do have some great stories about the idiots you see on the road, or in mass transit, or walking into work everyday.  Please help me feel better about these dingdongs!