Today was a mix of running kids to sports and assorted birthday parties and such.  It really feels like I have my kids signed up for too much but right now all we are doing is a weekly basketball camp and regular church activities.  But still I am exhausted and as I will have no time to prep my post for tomorrow I must do it tonight before bed and family movie time!


The kids really did have fun at the camp today.  I think for Lullibell the best thing about the whole experience will be the very athletic women working with the camp…there are 5 pro-women coaching them.  Bubba just love any opportunity to get out there and show how much testosterone he has!

By the way funny thing…I got a friend request on Facebook from some girl that thought she went to the same high school as me…turns out she went to a school with the same name in Kentucky…not Virginia…I guess I just have one of those faces…