For the most part our manatee viewing was good.  They told us to come back when a cold front passes through because there can be as many as 300 in the area at one time!  We got to see some young ones but none of them were feeling very photogenic!  There were some that looked like they were playing peekaboo tag or some such thing!

The second picture is the hump of one of the manatee breaching.  The fourth picture is a shy little snout.  If you look at the last picture really close you can see three under the water.  There are three dark shapes if you stare at it long enough.

We learned some cool facts about the manatee while we were there.  They have what are called “marching molars.”  When a front tooth falls out the molars work their way forward and a new one emerges in the back.  Way cool.  And we got to compare the weight of a manatee rib bone to a cow’s rib.  The manatee’s rib is much heavier because their ribs act as balast to keep them down on the sea floor.  Pretty neat, huh?