The Hillsborough County School Board here in Florida is meeting to name a new high school after the large crop of winter strawberries produced in the eastern part of the county, known as the “Winter Strawberry Capitol of the World”.

This is funny on so many levels. The big concern on the radio station I was listening to was choosing a mascot and dressing the athletic teams.

One suggestion was the Pickers. As in Strawberry Pickers…not exactly politically correct, right?

Another was Strawberry Fields but with this there was the mention of legal action.

The funniest was the lady who called in with the same thought I was having. They should name the team the Shortcakes because that would be the meanest darn team to beat…kind of like the old Johnny Cash son, “A Boy Named Sue”!

The uniforms could be pink and the helmets look like big strawberries, right?