With this single post I may prove that I am the biggest scifi nerd in the entire history of the genre.  I really like scifi.  Always have.  Ever since I was a kid. Star Wars. Star Trek. A Wrinkle In Time. Doctor Who. Torchwood. I read it.  I watch on tv and movies.  Can’t get enough.

When the new series Life On Mars was announced I was excited to see it. After the first episode I was hooked.  I think the thing that grabbed me and pulled me in was the scene where Sam looks up at the NYC skyline and the WTC buildings are there.  Amazing.

This week while I was watching a strange thing happened.  This, my new favorite show, paid a strange sort of homage to my very most favorite scifi show ever, Doctor Who.  Detective Sam Tyler’s mom is named Rose!  ROSE TYLER!!!

After that I ran to my computer to look this up on the internet because I couldn’t be the only one who noticed this, right?!?!

It seems that this is yet another remake of a British series.  Should have known.  That must be the reason I like it so much.

Anywho, the British series was written by Matthew Graham who, not satisfied with the lead characters name as it was originally set and who wrote the Doctor Who episode “Fear Her”, asked his daughter to name the character….she is a Doctor Who fan…and thus Sam Tyler was born.

If I am not the biggest scifi nerd in history after that discourse would someone please send me a link to show me who is…jus so I can feel better about myself?

On a bit less nerdy note the music in the show is fabulotastic!  Loveitloveitloveit!