I was reading this article yesterday about The 10 Most Disappointing Treats for Trick-or-Treaters on the main page on Yahoo!  I have some issues with the whole idea that you can go door to door panhandling for candy and be picky!

Don’t get me wrong—I enjoy Halloween—I always have but even more so now that the monsters are both old enough to really get excited about it.  I’m just not sure when Halloween became a time of entitlement.

When I was a kid (cue The Waltons theme music) I lived out in the country so we would hop in the car and drive from house to house to snag a few treats…the best of course were homemade ones but that is definitely a thing of the past.  But you learned to sort your candy into distinct categories…the very-most-favorite-I’m-not-sharing-this-with-anyone pile…the it’s-candy-and-I’m-a-kid-of-course-I’m-going-to-eat-it pile…the wonder-if-this-will-pull-out-that-loose-tooth pile…you get the idea.  But I don’t ever remember there being a no-way-would-I-ever-eat-it pile!

At the top of this guy’s list were toothbrushes and raisins…I can agree with him there.  But then he goes on to disparage smarites, necco wafers, tootsie rolls, dum dum lollies, and fun sized candy.  The monsters happen to like all of the above and truth be told chocolate is chocolate no matter what size it comes in!

This guy wants us to hand out full size bars!  Lullibell has never eaten a full size bar in one sitting!

So tell me, what is the best Halloween Treat?