Why is it that when you bring up the subject of sex every adult(ish) male within a fifty yard radius wants to join in the conversation?

Not that I have a problem with that…really…it just seems kind of funny…or odd…or…whatever.

But at the mere mention of childbirth, you get one of two responses—there is the expert—and then there is the totally squeamish freaking out guy.  And the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Just last night hubby monster and I were having a conversation about a friend who is pregnant and due on Halloween.  Her husband works in the same are of the lab-rat-maze that my husband works in, so when she called hubby monster answered the phone.  He loudly announced to everyone in their area who was on the phone and that, no, her water hadn’t broken.  Another far less sensitive coworker asked if she had lost her mucus plug.

Nice, I know.

After his description of the phone call I got the giggles and he wanted to know what was up.  I told him I just couldn’t understand the male fascination with the mucus plug.  Not that any of these guys could tell you what a mucus plug is, why it is where it is and what happens when it falls out…

But the main reason I started giggling was because, after spending time with my family this summer and all of the baby mania there I heard all the gory baby delivery stories.  My cousin’s husband, a big tough policeman type who loves a good foot chase and drag-the-guy-to-the-ground-ending was apparently very freaked out about the loss of mucus plug when my other cousin had her first baby.  Makes me wonder about toilet training…if a guy freaks out when thinking about the loss of mucus and bodily fluids during childbirth does that mean he was one of those kids who wouldn’t go on the potty because of the “sense of loss”?

Gross, I know but it is where my mind sometimes goes of its own volition…