On Friday, I haikued about the beautiful feline friend that keeps Bubba monster awake many nights.  After I wrote that I realized I have never written about the cicumstances that led to Claude coming to live with us.

We had just lost our beloved Siamese Susi cat, the best cat ever.  It was hard on Bubba because she slept with him and was a quiet peaceful friend in his room every afternoon annd night.  Lullibell was with me when I discovered Susi…looking very peaceful and asleep in her other favorite spot.  Being ultra sensitive, Lullibell had 2 thoughts on the matter immediately…the first being that Aurora (the puppy) did nothing to contribute to Susi’s demise…and the second, oh boy, I can’ wait to tell my brother that the cat is dead!

Bubba was heartbroken.  He cried every night for almost 2 weeks at bedtime because he missed her so much.  I just couldn’t seem to say or do the right thing to help him get past this.

Then one night I figured it out…we would make a list of what the perfect cat looked like to us.

  1. It had to be a boy
  2. it had to be orange
  3. it had to be a big kitty
  4. mom wants it to be at least 2 years old
  5. neutered
  6. declawed would be nice

Then I put the list in my wallet and told him that when we found the kitty that met all of these requirements we would know it was time to get a new cat.

We looked at pet fairs and at the places in town that hed cats to adopt and found some possibilities but never one that had it all!

Then one afternoon I went with my friend to get her new tatoo.  When we walked in there was a picture of a cat taped to the counter with a note that said, “please help me”. I asked the lady about the cat and she told me the sad story of how she was moving and couldn’t take all of her cats.

I called Hubby monser and told him all about the cat and he was less than enthusisatic.  Wanted to know more about the cat.  So I went back to the al at the counter and asked her more.  She told me a bit more about him and then said his name is Claude…that did it.  One of hubby monster’s best friends is named Claude.

He really is a great cat and Bubba totally loves him.

He seems to have that innate cat radar thing though.  He knows Lullibell doesn’t care for cats and so she is the one person in the house that he seeks out to annoy!