A funny thing happened last night.  I was watching the latest episode of 90210 with hubby monster.  He is not a fan, nor was he a fan of the original.  Really not a fan.  I think he might prefer dental surgery.

I, on the other hand, loveloveloved it, the original, not so much the spinspinspin off.  It has its moments when it vaguely resembles a half way decent show.  The episode that was on this week was one of those moments…even without any of the original characters.

I was a bit concerned this week because this was the first week without Kelly or Brenda but it was ok.  And the very best line from my very favorite movie (which hubby monster happens to loathe as well) was in this episode…it is at the end of the clip but the clip is worth watchin because the grandma is a freak!

Man, I miss the eighties…

Now, I have a question…were you a Dylan-girl or a Brandon girl?