Yesterday, when I got to school to pick up the monsters, Bubba was nearly bursting with excitement.  He sort of half ran/speed-walked to the car.

“Momma I caught a frog…well no…it kinda caught me…see, here…well it was on my arm…it scared me half to death at first but it was really cool…it had red spots on it…”

This morning when I was dropping the monsters off at school the safety patrol kid that opened the door nearly freaked out…

“Ummm…there is a frog in your car…”

“Really, a frog, wonder how that got in here…”

I’ll update you when I find out for sure that Bubba ot in my van with a frog stuck to his arm.

Update: “Actually, mom, it was stuck to my leg right here!”   Silly momma….and his teacher thought it was a riot!