Pray for me.

Lullibell has decided to participate in the Cougar Idol at school. I am going to need all of your support to get through the audition alone.

She love music, loves to sing. She had been singing the same song over and over with her little karaoke machine for over a week when her school announced this singing contest. After that she practiced a jillion times a day since then. I went online today and bought a proper download of the song for her. I just have to get some CDs to burn the song onto now…not for the techno-faint of heart as I am!

What song you ask? Well since she has returned to her emo/punk period we are going to have a little Avril Lavigne.

Tryouts aren’t for another week so I should be nice and bald by then! Oh, and did I mention she doesn’t take direction well? Reacts like a real pop princess! Yay me!