I still have a lot rolling around in my head these days!  So I thought I would just throw it all out there and see where it goes.

I went to the grocery store today after I dropped the kids off at school.  When I got home these three were in my front yard feasting on things in the grass.

They are very pretty and usually in the backyard.  When I figure out what they are called I’ll let you know!

Update: Sandhill cranes!!!!

I also wanted to show you what I have been working on lately.  It’s hard to stay focused on knitting in the summer and I think maybe year round in Florida but I finished the purple ones at my mom’s and the black and white ones got started on Sunday.  They are heelless socks.  Supposedly they last longer because your foot creates a new heel every time!

Yesterday I heard a funny news story about Jimmy Wayne, a country music singer.  He was passing through security in the Oakland airport over the weekend and kept setting off the metal detector.  After removing everything he thought could be causing it he thought he heard the security guy tell him to remove his shorts.  So he did.  Then he realized he was mistaken but by then his shorts had gone through the xray on the conveyor belt.  So there he stood in his underwear.  He tried to get his shorts, not a good move…two security guys cuffed him and he was questioned for over 20 minutes! Poor guy.