I have posted before about Lullibell’s math problem (which I obviously didn’t tag with her name because I can’t find it now!). It used to be just with timed skills checks but now that weakness is spilling over into other areas of math for her.  The problem is that math just doesn’t come easy for her.  Everything else does.  So if it doesn’t come easy I don’t have to do it right?

Oh dear…We practiced math facts over the summer.  We do multiplication fact practice every day.  Still no joy.  She can count by 3 and 4 but can’t do a timed facts test…YARHGHH!!!

Then on top of that she got a stinkin’ D on her last regular math check…

I am thinking of hiring a tutor because while I could do this myself it seems to only add conflict to coming home in the afternoon.

Any ideas?