Anybody out there own a dog?  A really big uber furry dog?

I do.

And that beautiful, faithful, gorgeous humongoloid needs a bath…desperately.

I think I might rather bathe the cat.

See it’s more a facility issue than the bath really.  I used to bathe him myself when I had a shower with a hose attachment and a door on it.  But the last house didn’t have a door and this one doesn’t have a hose…Sounds like a lot of complaining for a Thursday, right?

I submit to you exhibit A…

The size of the animal in question and the amount of hair involved…do  you realize how much water that hair can hold?  Thus the need for the hose—to rinse the dog…and the need for the door on the shower—when he shakes the water out of all that hair there is a mop up crew involved in the clean up.

So today I am going to try to find one of those dog wash places…that way they have to mop up the shaken water.

I’ll keep you posted…


Much cleaner and far less indignant than 45 minutes ago!