Have you ever had so many ideas for things you want to write about that you couldn’t get one idea to stay in focus long enough to make it coherent?

What is  that called?

Because it can’t be writers block…I actually have the ideas…they are all there, running around like little wind up cars in my head…

Lullibell’s class is doing a kind of writer’s workshop right now.  She has to write a paragraph every night this week about a chapter book she has read.  Monday was a paragraph about the main character.  Yesterday it was supposed to be about what makes the story believable.

She struggled a bit a the beginning of both of these because, of all things, the instructions were for a 50 word paragraph.  This sounded like a lot to her.  So I had to break it down for her…what is the first thing you need to do?…duh, pick a book….then what?…figure out who the main character is…you get the idea.

So Lullibell got the paragraph started but it took for-freakin’-ever because she kept stopping to count her words after each sentence!  After she wrote for a bit and got frustrated by the less-than-fiftiness of it I asked her some questions and she was able to come up with enough words ideas to finish.

The second paragraph went better once she figured out what the assignment meant.  Lullibell decided the story was believable because of how much she and the main character have in common…third grade, hating homework, a pesky little brother…and less word counting made the whole thing go much faster!

Today should be a piece of cake, right?

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