I set a goal for myself last week during the unpacking frenzy that my life had become.  I would unpack 2 boxes everyday until they were gone and I would do one big house hold chore everyday.  I figured this was reasonable.  I was, oh, so very wrong.

Not about the reasonableness reasonablity…whatever of the goal but about my ability to stick to it.

And not stick to it in the not-getting-it-done category.

Nope…I don’t have that problem.

My problem, and the reason I had to set the goal, is that I tend to try to get too much done.

Yesterday I unpacked 4 boxes, did 3 loads of laundry, changed all of our sheets, vacuumed and cleaned up the unfortunate untidiness left in the backyard by my beloved dogs.  I am sure there is more but, well, you get the picture!

Today I will stick to the plan.

I will unpack 2 of the 4 boxes left in the guest room and I will clean the vinyl floors in the house and that will be all!   I promise!  Well, I promise those are he only big things I will do!