I have found a new level of frustration…the frustration that one living in the electronic age feels when every single power cord and connection cable necessary for function leads you on a scavenger hunt!

I all started when I tried to connect the tv/vcr/dvd together. I had a mass of coaxial cable to use but the cute little color coded cords that make all of these things function properly were nowhere to be found. Still haven’t found them. But we did get some replacement ones. This made the kids very happy.

Then I started working on the computer. Everything was going so well until I got to the printer…no cord to hook it into the cpu. This was not such a huge deal as the printer needs to be replaced anyway so I haven’t really worried about it all that much.

But now I can’t find the usb cord for my camera. I really want that cord. I tore through the house looking in all the places I thought I might have put it and in some completely illogical place too. No cord. I do have 2 usb cords that I have no idea what they hook up but they don’t fit the camera! Good news though…I did find the usb for my ipod

So no pictures of the house yet. If I find it or when I get a replacement I will post the pictures that I snapped this morning.