The monsters and I landed in Florida last week.  We are finally up and operational.  Bubba and Lullibell have completed their first week of school and I now only have 6 boxes in the house (not counting the what is probably-not-nearly-a-hundred but seems like it in the garage…)

I have been trying to sit down since yesterday and post but it seems like life is intent on running me down and backing back to see what it hit!

After getting the house in what I thought was some semblance of order the cable/phone/internet guy came in yesterday and informed me that the only room my dinosaur of a computer would really work in was the room I was using as a staging area for unpacking and what was to later be the guest room *sigh* so I spent yesterday reorganizing the staging and moving the computer desk across the house from where I had it.  Not sure how this trivial detail fits into God’s plan but I guess I will see later.

Today when the children came home they had 3 forms for me to volunteer for the pta and to work in the library…I think maybe I am supposed to o volunteer at their school…

Tomorrow’s post I promise will be some pictures of the house and our current arrangement of furniture…I will probably rearrange sometime this weekend because the bedroom is currently the opposite of the way it needs to be…did you know homebuilders install the outlets upside down when they are attached to the light switch?!?