The day has come and gone.  It is over.  It has taken us until today to recover and I still think there is some tail dragging going on.  But the wedding was beautiful.

I wasn’t any too sure that it was going to be that way at the rehearsal on Friday.  The tshirts that VTHemi bought for the groomsmen and ushers were all wet.  The priest was not there because of an emergency that he needed to tend to.  The seminarian sent to help us had a thick accent and was very difficult to understand.  80 percent of the wedding party was not Catholic.  The readings and rites were unfamiliar to most of us.  One reader read a wife should “delete her husband” instead of delight.  The singer was uncomfortable singing Ave Maria and the flower girl was not to be persuaded to stand at the front of the church.

On the morning of the wedding I overslept.  So I went with very dirty hair to take Lullibell to have her hair piled on top of her head in a mass of curls.  My momma dressed sweet Bubba in a tuxedo that for the most part fit him although I feel certain that the vest and tie were safety pinned in several places.

At the church before the wedding my MIL asked Bubba if he knew what he was supposed to do and he said,”Yeah, I walk down there and then back up. Then down there then back up…”  Luckily we got that corrected before the wedding started!

Once the ceremony started though, it seemed that all was right with the world because everyone did what they were supposed to do and the whole thing went beautifully.  The bride looked beautiful down to her white fuzzy flipflops.  The groom was handsome and even managed a big smile.  The priest’s homily was just the right length with just the right amount of humor.

The reception was a blast right down to the Hokie Bird showing up to the tune of “Enter Sandman” and doing the Hokie Pokie with us all.  Lullibell danced and pranced and had a great time.  Bubba was able to eat enough to fill himself up and go home to sleep off the food coma! 

And now the happy couple is on their honeymoon at a resort in the Dominican Republic!