I was reading along over at John Shore’s place yesterday and I started wondering.  So instead of jacking his blog to open up a huge can of worms I thought I would write about it myself and drag all of his readers over to my place open the discussion over here.

After reading John’s post about President Bush I was wondering what people really think about the Middle East, the military and our CinC.  Do you think we should withdraw our troops?  Are we helping by being there or causing more harm? 

If withdrawing from the region is what you think we should do, then why?  If we withdraw then how do we do it and how much do we leave behind?  Do we leave anything behind?

I don’t believe withdrawal is the way to go.  There has been some kind of warfare in the region for the last 4 to 6 thousand years.  How do we teach a people to live together who are so clearly incapable of providing even the most basic of human rights to one another?

Bubba’s best friend’s daddy is in the army and deployed to the Middle East.  These families give up a lot for the effort.  The family memeber that is there misses out on so much of living life while there…birhtdays, holidays, milestones, babies being born…

I know that this is the life we choose and we make sacrifices.  I’m just wondering if the people htese sacrifices are being made for really understand.