I was watching the evening news with my mom yesterday, something I rarely do because I usually watch Fox news or just read up on-line about what is happening in the world.  I really became livid sitting there thinking about the garbage that we are being spoon fed.

The segment that thoroughly pissed me off was about an air strike in Afghanistan where our AMERICAN troops are fighting “The Other War”.  This was THE war, people.  The war to get the bastards that killed so many people on September 11.  Now we are calling it “the other war”?!?!  Apparently yesterday there was some heavy fighting in Afghanistan.  Afghani troops were engaged with Taliban on the ground.  The American troops in the area were also engaged in the battle.  An air strike was arranged.  The air strike was made and the are patrolled by an unmanned drone after the strike.  Several Taliban were killed and, unfortunately, in the process there were several Afghani soldiers killed too.

Then the finger pointing began…”You killed some of our men”…”You were supposed to withdraw your people”…”You did not tell us you were going to do that”…”We were talking to you during the entire incident”…

It sucks that there were friendly troops in the area when this went down.  It sucks that they were killed or injured.  Really.

But here is the rub for me—How did  Afghanistan become the territory of thugs and extremists?  How did Afghanistan become a country where it is illegal to educate girls?  Where people who attempted to educate girls were dragged out into the streets and stoned…shot…hanged?

And now AMERICA is going to have to make reparations to a country that is overrrun with religious extremism because the world (and our own friggin’ free people) think that our military would intentionally target the troops that are supposed to be fighting for the freedom of their own country!

Give me a break people!

After the segment on the air strike we were shown a piece about the new education system in Afghanistan.  Little girls going to school.  Smiling, happy faces enjoying the freedom to go and learn.  My question is, how long will this last?  How long after the western world gets what it has been yammering about for five years, and the U.S. pulls out of the Middle East, how long will it be before those little girls are beaten back into submission and their freedom to an education is wrenched from their hands?