The monsters and I took grandma to see Kung Fu Panda today  While I am not a big fan of Jack Black the monsters love him so we went to Wytheville to see the movie.

It was adorable, funny, and full of who-the-heck-knew-they could be cartoon character actors????  Aside from Jack Black, there was Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie,  Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu, Michael Clark Duncan, Ian McShane…

A funny line from the movie

The master says, ” I am at peace.”

Po says, “So, ya’ want me to be quiet?”

And the master says, “If you can…”

Seconds elapse with Po starting to say something then stopping.

Then Po says, “I’m hungry.  Wanna grab something to eat?”

My mom and I both looked at Bubba and burst out laughing because Lullibell says if talking were a sport Bubba would be the champion!

The idea that we are all what we need to be without any secret or special ingredient was really cool because the monsters both got it!