The actual landing took place at around 9:45 est last night. It was a bit later than we had intended but with a sick hubby monster, the 2 little monsters, 2 dogs and a very perturbed kitty cat we got a bit later start yesterday than we had planned.

I am sure there were thousands of missed photo opportunities along the way…the beautiful windmills along I70 in Kansas, me cleaning up the car-sick Lullibell along the side of the road twice in Kansas, Maverick doing a full on barrell roll down the stairs in the lovely hotel we stayed at in Missouri, hubbymonster chasing the 4 pound Aurora down the hall of same said lovely hotel, Bubba riding the last 100 or so miles naked from the waist down because we couldn’t find a place to pull over along I77 in West Virginia…

All told it was a very long but thankfully uneventful 1500+ mile trip across country! I am so glad to be here and not driving today!

Love to all who sent well wishes while I was dark! I missed you all