I will be living out of suit cases and boxes for a while starting today.  So I thought I would et a few posts together because I really don’t want my blog to go unattended for so long—control issues, I know!

Anyway—I will probably not have time or access to the ‘net until I get to my mom’s on Sunday.  And I may not have the inclination to do anything on Monday so instead of doing what I should be doing right now I am going to write a few entries and postdate them.

Yesterday I mentioned how God was keeping an eye on the monsters for me.  Well, we had one of the top scared-momma situations right after I posted that.

Bubba went for a walk with some of the neighborhood kids and some parents went along.  I was listening for the kids to come back and heard the voices of the boys that Bubba had taken off with.  But no Bubba voice…so I went outside and asked if Bubba had come back with them or if he had waited with the parents.  They thought he was with them but I walked in their direction and again, no Bubba…

Bubba was lost.

It seems that he had taken off ahead of the parents with the rest of the boys but had gotten behind and turned the wrong way a couple of streets before ours.  But he was easily found because when he realized that he did not know where he was he just stood and waited for us to come find him!

I was really proud of him because I knew that at least part of the time he is listening to me!  I was also proud of myself because I did not totally panic and freak out!

When we found him he was very hot, very sad and a bit frightened but none the worse for wear.  I swear this is just one more time that God was there keeping the little monster safe!