Yesterday Lullibell and I took a few hours off from the insanity to have a little mother daughter time.  We took the van to be cleaned and went and got pedicures.  It was a fun break to the race we have been running lately.

On the subject of having the car cleaned—I took out all of the junk we haul around with us before I dropped off the car.  There was a full 33 gallon tub of stuff.  It was insane.  I had to put some of the stuff back in the car but for the most part why in the world does stuff accumulate in the car like that?  I believe i is because we practically live in that van.  I will not make a vow to keep the junk out of there because I can’t figure out how so much crap ends up in there!

Here is my list of stuff to get done today:

  1. Sort all of the van stuff and put it in the right spot.
  2. Go from room to room collecting important stuff that I don’t want the movers to pack.
  3. Pack up as much as I can into the car top carrier.
  4. Pick out DVDs for the car trip.
  5. Take DVDS and important stuff to Elizabeth’s house.

Since tomorrow is Silent Sunday I will make Sunday’s list now:

  1. Go to church (my last Sunday).
  2. Pack up the box to ship to my mom.
  3. Find a pair of khaki shorts for Bubba to wear to Prekindergarten graduation.