Bubba has spring fever or schoolitis or something.

It took me a bit to catch on but now it is painfully really obvious. Everyday, when it is time to go he is afflicted by some new ailment…headache, tummy ache, legs hurt…this all started with his earache not too long ago. I think that may be why it took me so long to catch on.

At first it stopped when we got to school and he saw his friends. But now it seems to be continuing after I drop him off in he form of malingering and just general non-participation. So I have been talking to his teachers, who are fabulous by the way, trying to figure out the source and the solution.

I have asked him why it seems like he doesn’t want to go to school…is there a person that is upsetting him?…is there an activity that he doesn’t care for?…is there something mommy can do differently?

I have gotten a couple of ideas this week about what he is feeling. He wants to stay home and play with the neighborhood children. He is tired of practicing for the program that they are doing tomorrow. Today I figured out that his perfectionism is part of the problem. It seems that there has been alot of scissor use recently and while he is a great cutter, circles baffle him. Who knew?

I think he is also feeling unsettled and uncomfortable with our impending move and what is going on there. Maybe as if he has no control over his life at this moment. Everything is kind of in a hurry up and wait mode for all of us so I think that might be part of the problem.

So I am going to continue to try to get him off to school in a good mood and maybe we will get over this bump in the road soon!