Hokie Nation….It might sound kind of nutty if you’ve never been there. But once you have you never forget it. I was born into the Hokie nation.

I grew up in southwest Virginia, not too far from Blacksburg. My aunt worked for the University for years. When I was little I would love to go over to the campus and visit her at work…Burrus Hall was my idea of what college was supposed to be like…It seemed so big and wondrous…the Hokie stones were the coolest colors and it was always so cool in there…so very quiet…peaceful. The drill field was always teeming with life…frisbee, touch football, people just sitting, reading , enjoying the day. A visit to the bookstore for some much needed Hokie sweatshirt or tshirt was a fun part of hanging out on campus! I loved going to the duck pond and feeding the ducks, watching them dive and looking at their beautiful colors. I loved watching the students…knowing I wanted to be one someday…

The campus is situated in a beautiful valley that is all rolling green hills, cow pasture dotted with dairy and beef cattle, and beautiful tree groves that turn the most amazing colors in the fall…Tech is an agriculture school so if I say the amazing smells you will understand that I don’t mean all delicious smells…but still amazing.

And Hokie football…sometimes my mom and dad would go with a group of adults and I would hang out with my Mammaw and Pappaw and listen to the game with them on the radio. But sometimes I would get to go with them…The spectacle of it all is so hard to describe…the stadium, the field, the players, the game, the mascots, the cheerleaders, the corps of cadets, the bands, the crowd, the music…Let’s go…HOKIES!!! Let’s go…Hokies!!! Let’ go…Hokies!!!

When I became a student at Tech I couldn’t believe how much I still loved it…I had classes all over campus…and it was great…I found some beautiful places to sit and study and often just be…I met some of the best people you will find anywhere…I had professors from all over the US and all over the world…India, Scotland, Africa…

Now that I am out in the wide world and far from home I still feel a part of the Hokie nation. I meet people everywhere I go that are from Virginia Tech…at hubby monsters office, skiing for the weekend, at Lullibell’s school! And it’s always warm and welcoming and familiar.

I love being from southwest Virginia. I love being a part of the community (even if it is from a distance). But most of all I love being a HOKIE!

We are Virginia Tech!